The Final Level

The LiveNet is somewhere where everyone is free. A free-for-all virtual internet that gives you access to everywhere in your dreams. The original game is fun, but oh so easy. So, the hackers (or Modders) take information from the LiveNet and modify it- turning it into their own reality that anyone can play.

Hazel is a hardcore female gamer. She's been playing on the LiveNet for 4 years. You're only allowed to get the LiveNet Suit when you're 12 and at least 5'2. At 16, she's been through every LiveNet level and most of the Mods. She finds a new mod- Shockdream- that looks interesting. Her 2 only friends in the LiveNet go with her. They realize that it's a difficult mod; one of the hardest they've been through. At the final level, they see thousands of people. They're stuck and they can't escape the mod.

And Hazel is the only one who can help everyone escape.


1. Prologue

Alright, let me set the stage.

There's a sixteen year old born onto a dying earth. We completely rely on the sun- but even that's going to be gone soon. She is introduced to new technology when she's 11 - complete bodily submersion into what's called the LiveNet. Anyone can play if you have money, so she saved up for a year and spent every last penny on buying the best LiveNet Suit on the market she could find. The suit works in different ways. There's obviously goggles, headphones, all that stuff. But there's little needles that prick into your skin right above the ear. No one knows how they work- but it makes everything on the LiveNet seem ultra-realistic. Like, you can takes step in the game and feel like you're taking a step, but you're not in real life. It was phenomenal.

Anyways , so she grows up spending all the time she can in the LiveNet , leveling up, making friends. Wait a year or two and the first Mod comes out. They pulled information from the LiveNet and altered it, making it a different version of that game. It went around like crazy. There are millions of Mods that people have created. You can go to older video games, to ones in screenplays, to new ones. It was a revolution.

So while the earth is dying, us kids with any money at all get to cancel out everything and go into the LiveNet.

What a great earth to be on, right?

But there are rumors of some Modders going "Zenith". Zenith basically means that they become so obsessed with 'winning' the game, that they trap other players inside their mods so they have a better chance of 'winning'. The problem is, you can't win. It's impossible.

Isn't it?

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