Remember Us?

Erica, Devin, Becka, Jesse, Aaron, and Lauren used to be really close. After Erica moved and they started middle school, they started to grow apart. Devin and Lauren started dating and became really popular. Aaron and Jesse became busy, for very different reasons. Becka drifted away intentionally. When Erica got back, for freshman year of high school, the group was done. Erica attempts to get everyone back together, with the help of Jesse, but that doesn't go so well...


5. Lauren- Don't even think about it

I threw my head back laughing as my best friend, Cassandra, make a snide remark about Lindsay Nelson's short skirt. Lindsay wasn't the type of girl who should wear a short skirt. Apparently she also isn't the type of girl to wear concealer. Or brush her hair.

"So, where next? I need a cute outfit for my date with Devin on Friday. He's planning a surprise!" I squealed, and Cass rolled her eyes.

"You guys are too much. But Devin is such a catch. Not that he's my type, but def yours. I prefer bad boys." She winked and waved at a guy who looked like he was in college, and was carrying a bike helmet. He nodded at her, clearly checking her out. Why wouldn't he? Cass was tall, blond, and thin. She was much too curvy for a fourteen year old, and her face was flawless, with bright gray-blue eyes. Currently she was wearing ripped black tights under a short black shirt that was tight to her long legs. She wore black heeled ankle boots, and a maroon tank top with a deep neck line. She had a black cropped leather jacket tied around her waist, and she had her blond hair down in loose curls.

"He's way too old for you. Your parents would kill you."

"My parents don't care what I do. I fail school, I can live off dad's money for the rest of my life. I miss curfew, big deal. They don't give a-"

"Lauren!" I heard an unmistakable voice from across the food court. Aaron ran over to us, a subway bag in his hand. Melanie smirked at me and started to examine her nails.

"Uh, hey Aaron." I played with my hair as he approached our table.

"Hey. Did you get Erica's email?" Aaron asked, sitting down across from me.

"I'm going to the bathroom." Melanie sighed, shooting me an "omfg that nerd" look as she left.

"No, wait, Erica?" I asked. I hadn't spoken to her for at least a year.

"Yeah. She wants to meet up." Aaron played with the hem of his polo, and I took out my phone and opened my email. I found it, and read it through. I really wanted to go, but...

"I'll think about it. Are you going?" I slipped my phone into my purse.

"Yeah, I guess." He ran a hand through his dirty blond hair. It messed it up a bit, and I smiled a little. It always looked so stiff and....proper.

"Well, I have better things to do than hang out with you nerds." I scoffed, snapping out of it.

"You and Devin were two of us nerds." Aaron glared, "What the hell happened Lauren?"

"I changed. I also realized the group just wasn't working. Maybe you should do the same." I stood up and grabbed my smoothie.

"You act like you changed for the better. You became a cold-hearted bi-"

"What's going on here?" I heard another familiar voice behind me.

"Hey Devin. What's up?" I swiveled around and smiled sweetly.

"I asked you a question." Devin glared at Aaron.

"We were discussing Erica's email. Apparently you two are too cool to go." Aaron stood up as well.

Devin's face changed, "I...I think I'll be there. Lauren?"

"Fine. I'll go, but don't expect me to enjoy it. I have to go." I sashayed over to the bathrooms. This was too much. I had worked so hard....I just couldn't go back. I would not be laughed at, teased, or tormented again. Never again.

Lol I keep on cutting off curse words with people showing up....ah whatever. Soz for not updating, my co-author and I haven't been communicating much. - Hannah WandArrow

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