Remember Us?

Erica, Devin, Becka, Jesse, Aaron, and Lauren used to be really close. After Erica moved and they started middle school, they started to grow apart. Devin and Lauren started dating and became really popular. Aaron and Jesse became busy, for very different reasons. Becka drifted away intentionally. When Erica got back, for freshman year of high school, the group was done. Erica attempts to get everyone back together, with the help of Jesse, but that doesn't go so well...


2. Devin- An unexpected surprise

Erica, I'd almost forgotten about her but now all the old memories came flooding back. Erica, the shy one, well shy around other people. To us she was bold, boy could she sing. We'd left her behind, Lauren and I. We'd traded in our old true friends for the false 'popular' kids.  I didn't think that I'd ever hear from her again yet there it was. The message...

To: Group Awesomeness


Hey guys, I just moved back! :) wanna meet up at the mall on Saturday? Yh yh I know we aren't really friends anymore but can we at least hang out? Tell me if ur coming I'll be there around 3 to save our table (you know, the one we would always sit at, in the corner of the food court??). -Erica

I wanted to hang out, I hadn't seen Erica in years and I wanted to say sorry, but Lauren... she had fit quite nicely into the new group, she liked it there. I didn't know if she would want to see Erica, I mean Lauren was all cool and that, and Erica was, well she was Erica.

What happens if Lauren doesn't want to see Erica and the old gang, what then. what do I do?


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