Remember Us?

Erica, Devin, Becka, Jesse, Aaron, and Lauren used to be really close. After Erica moved and they started middle school, they started to grow apart. Devin and Lauren started dating and became really popular. Aaron and Jesse became busy, for very different reasons. Becka drifted away intentionally. When Erica got back, for freshman year of high school, the group was done. Erica attempts to get everyone back together, with the help of Jesse, but that doesn't go so well...


4. Charcter Profiles

~~Erica- short height, straight long dark brown hair, hazel eyes

Extra info- Moved back from Germany where she lived from 6-8 grade. nerdy, likes to write, shy but not around her friends, good singer but has stage fright


Jesse- medium height, longish brown hair, bright blue eyes

Extra info- gay, has an ex-boyfriend named Dom, plays several instruments, sings, drama-club

Becka- medium height, medium length black hair, dark brown/black eyes

Extra info- athletic but not on any teams, HAS A SECRET, reserved, no one really knows anything about her anymore, not very smart, artsy


Aaron- short but taller than Erica, short dirty blond hair, grey eyes

Extra info- smart, on several sports teams, super strict parents, hates Devin currently (u guys gotta figure out why haha)


Lauren- auburn curls, green eyes, taller than aaron and Becka

Extra info- popular, acts mean, gorgeous, somewhat smart


Devin- dark skinned, short black hair, black eyes

Extra info- plays basketball and football, average intelligence, dating Lauren, popular, acts mean


anyways soz for the delay Dan and I have been busy. Thx for reading! - the_one_and_only_hannah

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