Remember Us?

Erica, Devin, Becka, Jesse, Aaron, and Lauren used to be really close. After Erica moved and they started middle school, they started to grow apart. Devin and Lauren started dating and became really popular. Aaron and Jesse became busy, for very different reasons. Becka drifted away intentionally. When Erica got back, for freshman year of high school, the group was done. Erica attempts to get everyone back together, with the help of Jesse, but that doesn't go so well...


7. Aaron - Schedule Change

Racing up towards my bed room, I felt my legs give way below me; I'd been up since six this morning and I'd not stopped all day. Throwing myself on my bed I glanced at the large pile of work I had to get through by tomorrow morning. It was a lot.

Ever since an old friend left, things had never been quite the same, not that I would have time to notice being so busy with everything I do. It was impossible to have any free time, if I wasn't doing school work then I'd be playing sports and if I wasn't doing that then I'd be at my job or at least planning things for my job. Sometimes I envy those who have all the time in the world, it didn't seem fair that some students should get everything for free where as I had to work so hard and so long for the scraps of pride my parents would throw me every so often. It wasn't fair but then again... Life wasn't fair.

Picking up the seemingly never ending pile of books, notes and documents I placed them on my bed with my laptop ready to be turned on. Rooting through the pile, I came across my Art homework, due in tomorrow like most other things, and began to draw a woman standing by a lake... It reminded me of Lauren.

I barely even noticed when the school year turned into summer; I took so many summer classes it was basically the same.

My mind drifted to the old times, it wasn't often I allowed my mind to drift to the locked away places of happiness from the past. I pictured Lauren, her auburn hair flowing in the wind and her bright green eyes staring at me a great smile spread across her face as if I was the best thing in the world.

That was years ago, I need to get over it. I peeled back my sweaty strands of hair from my face and clicked open my laptop. One email, from the old times. It was Erica. She wanted to meet up. 

Shutting the laptop immediately, I stared of into the distance for what seemed like hours but really it could only have been a few moments. The old times were back. The old times couldn't be back. It couldn't happen. 

Panic, fear and hope are not three emotions that often shroud my body but now I feel like I'm drowning in them, like I'm being suffocated and soon I will pass out from all the weight. The old times couldn't be like they were before, it was impossible. Or was it...

Maybe it was just improbable...

I sent my reply but even as I watched the little white envelope cross into the inbox of Erica I was still extremely unsure on whether I would go. Even now, I know that life is too short to waste thoughts... The only thing I wasn't sure about was whether this was a waste...

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