Starr (what my life could have been like but what my life isnt)

So.... This is me.... I'm a freak and an outcast.... I get hit and pushed around at school.... This doesn't sound very interesting I know.... But.... This is my story.... Of everything.... From start to finish.... Please.... Stick around long enough to figure out what happens.... It's actually pretty interesting.... Creepy-pasta.... I created her.... Starr.... Her life is like what mine could be like.... But what my life isn't.... You won't expect this.... And I'm Starr in this book....
I play the role....
Prepare to be heart broken....
Prepare to laugh so hard at times you are about to cry....
Prepare to be confused....
And get ready to see one of the best books ever (:


2. two

I look down remembering what I was doing

Wait, what was I doing?!

I haven't ever done this!

Oh my gosh, I promised myself that I wouldn't ever get to this level!

Oh no........

"Ouch!" I wince in pain, it started burning really bad, I hold the wet wash cloth to my bleeding wrists and flinch.

I leaned against the cabinet and slid down on to the floor.

It was really burning!

It felt like fire.

I slowly looked down at the blood that had slid off of my wrists and fallen to the floor, I knew I needed to get it cleaned up before someone got home....

If anyone saw this I would be dead..

Suddenly I hear my bedroom door slowly creaking open, I stand frozen in fear,

"hello?" Someone called.

"Uh.... Yeah?"

"you need to get down here and eat before you go to bed!"

Ugh.... It was my mom........ Always treating me like a child........

"I'll be down in a bit mom!"

"Okay, what are you doing in there anyways?!"

I heard her walk across my bedroom and knock on the door.

"Hunny? What is taking so long in that bathroom?!"

"Mom, don't come in here, geeez, it's called privacy!"

I slowly stepped towards my bathroom door, slipping my index finger around the lock and twisting it quickly, hoping she wouldn't hear it.

"Don't you tell me about privacy, young lady, I'll come in if I want!"



"I said, 'I'll be down in a minute"

"Whatever, hurry up!"

I sighed and listened to make sure she walked out of the room, before opening the door.

I just thought 'you'll clean it up in a little while, just keep her out of your room'

I slowly turned the golden lock to the bathroom door and push the door open, I tense up whenever I hear it creak, I knew she could hear it whenever it was being opened and closed.

I rushed to my bedroom door, closing it really fast and twisting the tiny, golden lock.

I rushed beside an old drawer of long sleeves and jogging pants, stuff for the winter I guess........

I tug on on an old 'Sleeping With Sirens' shirt and some black jogging pants.

I almost jumped when I heard someone knocking on my door.

"It's been ten minutes, you need to come eat!" Mom exclaimed through my door.

Time to put on a smile and pretended I'm okay.

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