A Trevor moran fanfic


2. young love

The next morning

Ava pov

I woke up to Trevor snoring in my ear. Wait TEVOR!!!! How did he even get in here he was sharing a room with Connor. "Well I see your awake" Jenn said. I jumped a little waking up Trevor. "You scared me" I said. "Morning beautiful" Trevor said wrapping his arms around me and putting his head in the crook of my neck. "Morning...?" I questioned. " what's wrong " he asked. "How did you get in my room and in my bed" I asked. " well my and Connors room is right across the hall and you asked me to go to bed with you last night" he said. "No I didn't" I said. "Yes you did even ask Ricky" he said. "Connor would never let you come to bed with me" I said. "He doesn't know I'm in your bed" he said. I got up. "Where are you going babe" Trevor asked. "To ask Ricky" I said. I walked in Ricky's room he was up playing Pokemon in his boxers. "Ricky did I ask trevor to go to bed with me last night " I asked. "Yes" he said. I headed to the kitchen and made a bowl of cearel. Trevor came in and stole it. "Trevor give it I'm hungry"

Trevor pov

" Trevor give it I'm hungry" Ava said. I picked up cereal on the spoon and feed it to her. I kissed her and sat her up on the counter without breaking the kiss. "PDA!!! PDA!!!" Sam came in yelling. " Shut up Sam" Trevor said. " swear you won't tell Connor" I asked. "Swear" he said. I feed her another spoon. "Why are you feeding my sister" Connor said walking In shirtless and with basketball shorts on. "Cuz' she was hungry and she practically begged me" I told him. Aves hit my shoulder playfully. "Starbucks?" Aves asked. "Let's go" we said. We all piled in to Connors car. Aves Connor Jenn Sam And me. "Hey Trev" Connor said. "Yeah" I said. "You never came to bed last night" Connor said. "Um I stayed in Ricky's room" i said. "Why" he questioned. "Well we were playing Pokemon and I fell asleep plus Kian slept in Andrea and Jenns room with Andrea and Jenn slept with Aves" I explained the lie. "Oh" he said. We arrived at Starbucks

Connor pov

We arrived at Starbucks. I know there is something going on between Trevor and my sister I just can't lay my finger on it.

Aves pov

So we ordered our drinks and sat down. "Aves can I talk to you in the bathroom for a sec" Jenn asked. "Sure" I said. We went to the bathrooms. " K, what up" she asked. "What" I asked. "You and Trevor". She said. "Ya were dating so" I said " you know Connor will kill Trevor if he ever found out" " ya why do you think no one knows but you." I said. I headed out I called Ricky to come pick up me and Trevor. Honk I heard Trevor and I got up and went to his car. We got home and went to my room to talk. " Trevor i wanna tell them " i said

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