A Trevor moran fanfic


1. L.A!!!

"Come on Aves, were gonna be late" my mom yelled from downstairs. "Okay" I yelled back. I got out of bed went to the bathroom brushed my teeth, straightened my hair and went to get dressed. I picked out a tanktop that had the word love spelled out using Mickey Mouses hands. A pair of light washed destressed shorts. And my black vans. I ran down the stairs. "I'm ready" I said. "It's about time" my one of 2 brothers, Robert said. I lightly punched him. Connor was finally coming home today. Connor as in Connor Franta himself he is my other brother.

*skip car ride*

"Connor" I screamed and ran to him. He gave me a "Fran"tactic hug. (See what I did there). He was aparantly vloging oops. "Hey kiddo" he said. "Sure your brother gets a hug" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around and saw Trevor. I gave him a huge hug and he hugged me back and a kiss on the cheek. " bye love you" I heard connor say before ending the vlog. Before I could even say anything I was almosted tackled by Ricky, Kian, Jc, and Sam. Then I got a gentle group hug Jenn, Lia, and Andrea. Finally I got licked to death by Wishbone. "I knew Connor was coming but not the whole gang." Mom said. " Well we wanted to suprise Robert and Aves" Connor said. "Well we are DEFINATLY suprised" I said. Connor and the guys practically ran to Starbucks. The girls and I got there to but slower. I got a vinalla bean. After we headed back to the house.

We got home and having 7, 15- 24 year old boys in the same house along with 4 girls you know we are gonna fight 24/7. " so how you been aves" connor asked. " good, last year I got straight a's, my softball team is undefeated and I'm the #1 pitcher, I will be 13 in 2 weeks. " wow you've been busy" Connor said. " Hey Aves can I talk to you upstairs for a second" Trevor asked. "Uh, sure" I said. "Use protection" connor yelled. We went upstairs and out to the balcony. "What's up" I said. "Well you know we've know each other since we were practically 5" he said. "Yeah" I said telling him to go on. " I want you to know that I-I l-like you" he stuttered. I was stunned yet relived,Trevor likes me. "I like you too" I managed to say. He gave me a peck on the lips. "Will you be my gf" he asked. "Y-yes" I managed to say. He gave me a kiss that we soon broke when Connor walked in and told us it was time for lunch. " So Aves Robert since you guys are old enough would you like to move to L.A with us. "I'm down with that" I said. "I would love to but I can't" Rob said. "Okay so Ava is moving in with us" Connor confirmed. I can't believe I am going to L.A!!!!!!

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