This is a short story I wrote for school. I wanted to put it up here. It's kind of like The Stand more or less.



The life of a murderer is quite difficult. Benvolio understands that difficulty very well. It was a cool fall day, about nine in the afternoon, on a Wednesday. Benvolio was walking down a plain dirt road, the only thing around him being trees and dirt. Very little life was left on the planet other than humans and Benvolio knew he was responsible. He stared straight ahead, remembering when he was younger and life was much less extinct.

It was the year 3043, thirty years back into Benvolio’s past, and Benvolio was about, say, twenty-two. He was sitting on a bench in front of a building where people researched life. During those times, because of human vanity, life of other species was almost nonexistent. Benvolio was working with three other researchers to figure out how they could fix this problem because they knew that once the animal life disappeared, trees and humans were going to soon follow in their extinction.

Three men approach Benvolio who stands and waits for them to arrive at his location. They are clad in white coats, glasses, and gloves. They are whispering fervently to each others about matters of the unknown. Benvolio waits for the three blond men to address him, still having yet to learn their names. While he waited to be addressed he examined the men. One was named Mr. Longley, judging by the mans name tag. He had blond hair like the other two, but he had much darker skin which was very rare in those days. The other two blond men were named Mr. Small and Mr. Desmond. These two men are of no concern to the story, but Mr. Longley is of much importance.

After about ten minutes of waiting, Benvolio clears his throat drawing the attention of the three men. They examine in silence before each one of the three men take turns shaking Benvolio's hand. After introductions are established, the four men walk into the research institute labeled “The Pit” for reasons unknown. The workers, or “Whitecoats” as outsiders called them, were hurriedly working on a cure that they thought would work. Now you see, the thing that they were supposedly ‘curing’ was never truly stated, even Benvolio didn’t know and he was the top researcher. The Whitecoats just believed that they were doing something to prolong the hopefully unending reign of mankind. Benvolio examined the organized chaos as he strolled through the first floor and over to the glass elevators.

All four men got into the glass contraption, standing silently next to each other. Mr. Longley pushed a red button before sliding a card into a slot. He pressed a few more unknown buttons before the elevator began it’s quick, stomach-dropping decent. Benvolio stood there, trying to keep his balance. He had never gotten used to the glass elevator that was most certainly going to bring him to his doom. After a few moments of a seemingly unending decent the glass deathtrap final came to a stop. The doors slid open and the three men stepped out into a small, dimly lit hallway. Mr. Small and Mr. Desmond, while saying their goodbyes to Benvolio and Mr. Longley, turned left and disappeared down a different dimly lit hallway to their left. Benvolio and Mr. Longley, on the other hand, turned right heading towards two big metal doors.

Benvolio had never been this low beneath The Pit before. He turned towards Mr. Longley, tempted to request an answer only to see a grave expression on the dark skinned mans face. The seemingly heavy metal doors slid open without a sound and Mr. Longley strided inside. Benvolio followed, examining his surroundings. The room just big enough for two people and there was a mysterious contraption in the middle of the room. Benvolio saw it was connected to one of his own inventions, one he had believed to be a bust.

"You know, Benvolio, they never did plan to save this world.” Mr. Longley says quietly, staring at the contraption. It had a big red button on it and you could hear the soft hum of electricity throughout the room.

Benvolio gave Mr. Longley a confused look, “... But I thought that was the whole point. To save this world, to save the animals, to save our race.” Benvolio stares at the man, not being able to contemplate what Mr. Longley was speaking of.

Mr. Longley turns around quickly, throwing Benvolio a look of disgust, “How can you be so naive?!” He practically shouts, “Those people, our higher ups, they don’t care if we live or die! All they care about is their pride! They don’t want to change anything, they just think they are making this world ‘a better place’!” Longley’s eyes shone with a strong hatred, one that was fueled by rage and complete madness.

Benvolio stares at Mr. Longley, contemplating what the man had just told him. Benvolio looks around at the room, then at the machine he had helped create. He is suddenly struck with a realization, “Then, does that mean...” Benvolio starts, staring at the machine, unable to continue his sentence.

“Yes, the humans are the ones trying to destroy all life on this planet, not trying to save it… And you were a key part in its destruction.” Longley walks over to the machine, pulling out a key and inserting it into the machine. “And today, they shall have what they had hoped for.” Benvolio saw what he was doing and rushed towards the machine. Longley turned the key before Benvolio could stop him. The machine shook and shuddered before flaring to life. Benvolio could not tell, but the outside world could obviously see the greenish-blue gas flow out of the roof of the building. Birds that passed by fell down dead, animals normally seen roaming the streets and the trees fell to their doom.

Benvolio emerged from The Pit, having previously left the deranged Longley to contemplate what he had just done. Benvolio looks around, examining the dead creatures littering the ground and the people slowly suffocating on the side walk. Benvolio felt fine, how ever, and he could see that other people weren’t adjusting as well to the strange poison flowing through the air. He stared in horror at what he had created before running off. No one chased him, they were too busy screaming over fallen loved ones or dying themselves.

From that day on, Benvolio walked the streets, hiding from humans and living with his regret. He saw no animals other than the occasional mosquitoes which died shortly after due to lack of oxygen.

Benvolio snaps back to the current year of 3073, he was walking down the dirt road, nothing but trees surrounding him. There were also bodies, many bodies littering the ground. It didn’t matter whether it was animals or people, they were all mixed together, left there like trash. Benvolio stops, noticing a face that seemed fairly out of place amongst the light skinned people. The body of Mr. Longley laid amongst the others. He was just like everyone else, his pride and hate got in the way of his judgement and he came to the same fate as the rest of them. Benvolio pried his eyes away from the stone cold body of Mr. Longley, continuing down the dirt road, hearing nothing but the sounds of his own feet shuffling on the ground.

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