Rainbow Dash's Girly Side

When Twighlight Sparkle goes back to Canterlot High, she finds out there's trouble. Rarity, Flutter Shy, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie are trying to help Rainbow Dash be a little girly. But every time Rainbow Dash tries to be girly she ends up being more and more of a tomboy. Rarity and Twighlight casts a spell so that Rainbow Dash would be a little girly and it ends up good. But one problem. After of having Rainbow Dash being girly it's starting to get out of hand. Can Twighlight and the others stop Rainbow Dash?


5. The Trouble With Rainbow Dash

"Twighlight," Flutter Shy began as they went in front of the janitor's closet. "You might be surprised with what you're going to see." Everybody nodded in agreement. Rarity opened the door and Twighlight gasped. Unfortunately Flutter Shy fainted. Sitting there was Rainbow Dash. But not the normal Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash had bags under her eyes and messed up hair and she was chewing on her nails rapidly. "No skirts. No dresses." She freakishly mumbled. "Rainbow Dash?" Twighlight said waving a hand in front of her face. "Hello?!?!" "Yes Twighlight?!?!" Rainbow Dash said in a crept childish voice. "Ummmmmmm...." Twighlight stammered. "You need to get out of there." Twighlight pulled Rainbow Dash out of the closet and out of the school. "You need sunlight." Sunset said exposing Rainbow Dash into the sun. Rainbow Dash hissed. "I'm a vampire! I hate the sun!" Pinkie Pie started to laugh her head off. "Twighlight," Rarity began. "The problem is that we were telling Rainbow Dash to get a LITTLE girly but she totally freaked out my darling." "YEAH!!! SHE TOTALLY WENT COO-COO!!!" Laughed Pinkie Pie. "I think we can fix this." Twighlight said. "We can talk her out of it." "We tried for a MONTH but NOTHING worked!!!!!" Apple Jack cried. "We may not have the elements of harmony but we can use friendship to make the elements of harmony in the human world. That's what Celestia told me." Twighlight said. "How about me?" Asked Sunset. "That's why we have friendship. If we have another person to join our group we create another element." Twighlight said. "Then what are we waiting for?" Asked Apple Jack. "C'mon!!!"

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