Rainbow Dash's Girly Side

When Twighlight Sparkle goes back to Canterlot High, she finds out there's trouble. Rarity, Flutter Shy, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie are trying to help Rainbow Dash be a little girly. But every time Rainbow Dash tries to be girly she ends up being more and more of a tomboy. Rarity and Twighlight casts a spell so that Rainbow Dash would be a little girly and it ends up good. But one problem. After of having Rainbow Dash being girly it's starting to get out of hand. Can Twighlight and the others stop Rainbow Dash?


4. The NEW Sunset Shimmers

Twighlight woke up in a different but familiar world. She was aching EVERYWHERE. "Twighlight!" Said a familiar voice. She looked up a smiled. It was her friends. The HUMAN version. "You're back!!!" Cried Pinkie Pie jumping up and down. "Need a lift?" Said a familiar voice. A hand the color of a golden sun laid out in front of her. Twighlight looked up and gasped. It was Sunset Shimmers. She was the meanest girl in Canterlot High but now she was the nicest girl EVER. Twighlight looked straight into her eyes and she saw true niceness in them. "Need a lift?" Sunset repeated. Twighlight reached out her hand and grabbed it. Sunset lifted her up. Twighlight's legs started to wobble and she fell. Luckily Rarity caught her before she hit the ground. "Thanks guys. Haven't been human in a while!" Twighlight laughed. "We understand!" Everyone laughed. "Come on!" Said Apple Jack. "Let's go inside!" And everybody followed Apple Jack but Sunset stayed behind. Sunset grabbed Twighlight's arm. "Uh......" Twighlight said. "I'm REALLY sorry. You don't have to be my friend." Sunset said sadly and looked down. Twighlight looked at her in surprise then grabbed Sunset's other hand. "We're all friends here. Remember?" Twighlight said and Sunset smiled. "C'mon!" Twighlight began. "Let's have fun!"

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