Rainbow Dash's Girly Side

When Twighlight Sparkle goes back to Canterlot High, she finds out there's trouble. Rarity, Flutter Shy, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie are trying to help Rainbow Dash be a little girly. But every time Rainbow Dash tries to be girly she ends up being more and more of a tomboy. Rarity and Twighlight casts a spell so that Rainbow Dash would be a little girly and it ends up good. But one problem. After of having Rainbow Dash being girly it's starting to get out of hand. Can Twighlight and the others stop Rainbow Dash?


3. Mirror

"Princess Celestia!!!! We're back!!!" Said Twighlight. "I'm in the room." Princess Celestia said. "Luna is here with us." Princess Luna is Princess Celestia's little sister. She was in charge for rising and lowering the moon, as for Celestia, her job was to raise and lower the sun. Princess Luna used to be an evil alicorn named Nightmare Moon. She refused to lower the moon because she saw no one playing at night so she got angry so she became Nigtmare Moon. But Celestia defeated her and trapped her in the moon. Now Princess Luna is a nice and gentle alicorn. "I found out why the mirror was vibrating." Luna said in her sift silky voice. "There are problems in the other world so Twighlight, you will have to go." "Okay." Twighlight said. "Once again you have three days it you're trapped in there forever." Luna reminded. "Good luck." Said Apple Jack. "Okay." Twighlight said. "Bye!" And she stepped into the mirror.

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