Rainbow Dash's Girly Side

When Twighlight Sparkle goes back to Canterlot High, she finds out there's trouble. Rarity, Flutter Shy, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie are trying to help Rainbow Dash be a little girly. But every time Rainbow Dash tries to be girly she ends up being more and more of a tomboy. Rarity and Twighlight casts a spell so that Rainbow Dash would be a little girly and it ends up good. But one problem. After of having Rainbow Dash being girly it's starting to get out of hand. Can Twighlight and the others stop Rainbow Dash?


2. Discord

"Oh.... Mrs. Cakes!!!!" Discord said flipping her bakery over. "Stop Discord!!!" Twighlight cried. Discord turned around. "Oh Twighlight!!!!!" He laughed. "ALWAYS so serious!!!!" "Stop it Discord!!" Said Flutter Shy in her tiny voice but Discord didn't hear her. "Oh Rainbow Dash!" He said as he turned her wings into dresses. "Aaaahhhhh!!!!!" Screeched Rainbow Dash as she fell to the ground. Flutter Shy turned a bright red. "STOP!!!!!!!" Screamed Flutter Shy. She screamed so loud that Mrs. Cake's bakery windows cracked. Discord turned to Flutter Shy's direction. "You're gonna GLARE at me again?!?! Hahaha!!! I've changed! I wouldn't be friends with a SOFTIE!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!" Discord laughed. "But we have one thing that YOU don't have!!!" Said Flutter Shy. "Friendship!!!" And every pony floated in the air. Then winds of color surrounded them and it hit Discord. Discord turned into a statue in mid laugh. "Oh my gosh darling!!!!" Said Rarity. "I..... Uh......" Stammered Flutter Shy. "That..... Was .... AMAZING!!!!" Cried Rainbow Dash as her wings turned back to normal. "No time for celebrating." Said Twighlight. "We've got to go to the castle and solve the mirror problem!" "oh yeah..." Said Apple Jack. "Then let's go then!!" Screamed Pinkie Pie and they ran off. Meanwhile Mrs. Cakes was having trouble with her bakery. "Help?" She asked. "Anybody?"

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