The 4

A story of 4 teenagers who re not what they seem.They must face the impossible and they still have highschool to worry about. This will be a quartet the next book is called Dark and Dangerous


1. Maia

I wake up with a jolt. I sit up and water my flowers. I half skip toward the bathroom. I start to get ready. When I blow dry my hair the air is ice cold. "ZOEY" I yell before my eyes stands Zoey Wendy Knight. "I hate teleporting"she grumbles. Zoeys 1 of my best friends. She grumbles some more than finally comes to the conclusion to say "what". I hold up my blow drier angrily. She smirks and tries to hold in a laugh."JUST CAUSE YOU ELEMENT IS WIND DOESN'T MEAN YOU-"I get cut off my phone rings I answer it."hey " a familiar male voice says "party at your brothers today right you going ?" He asks "uhh yea" I says "cool.see you then"  he hangs up. Zoey stares at me funny at first it like she's teasing me now she looks frightend."Wh-at"I stammer our lives can get crazy I have to be alert 24-7. She points out the window. Dallas Demmitria Knight skateboards by. The window gets cold" what" I say frowning not seeing the problem Dallas is one of our best friends and Zoeys sister,technically long story. Then I see the problem Dallas is freezing the sidewalk like she is snowboarding rather than skateboarding. She always does this when no ones around, at least she thought no one was around. Well mortals don't matter. This town is a wizard  town but everyone is asleep. They don't wake until about noon there's no reason to........ the curse doesn't help of course. It's confusing how 4 people are awake I know that's because we are meant to break the curse or something. Our family's can stay awake too, mostly just my brother.It doesn't seem bad but trust me its bad. The part that frightens Zoey about her sister "snowboarding" is my brother Rider following her from a distance . He is to dumb to no be suspicious about the ice but he's not THAT dumb to not be suspicious for much longer. Stop stop stop I think suddenly vines wrap around his legs. Dallas stops realizing what's happening. We rush down to her. The vines have knocked Rider put by now, "











TONY"  tony ,my boyfriendish person teleports next I me with his eyes around me. He kisses me . Dallas pretends to puke "enough"she says " now that you've stop kissing my BROTHER." She glances at Tony who has not stopes blushing. Tony is Dallas brother but not Zoeys brother. Dallas STEP dad is Poseidon Greek god of the ocean controller of the water. Zoey's STEP dad is Zeus king of the gods, god of the wind. Tony's STEP dad is Helios go of the sun. My mom is Iris goddess of the rainbow . That's what makes Zoey and Dallas related Tony and Dallas are brother and sister in the mortal world  " drag your BROTHER to your room" she drags Rider face first upstairs to her room. "Now Tony melt this ice" he trudges towards the ice he puts his hand out and in seconds the ice melts "Soooooo Zoe" Dallas says "Don't say it" Zoey replies "I'm ganna say it!" " you going to Riders  party" "maybe" "alone" Dalls asks "maybe"  " Im going" Tony cuts  in " SHUT UP TONY" Dallas says " we all know your going with Maia" Zoey says , Tony tos his eyes at Zoey. " soo you going "Dalas ask AGAIN  " she doesn't have a date" Maia says "when did YOU get here"Zoey asks frightened  I smile creepily, joking with her " You know what bye Maia" 

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