Cracked Porcelain

I am his slave; His Porcelain bride.

“One need not be a chamber to be haunted.”
― Emily Dickinson


1. Chapter 1

I wrote this chapter while listening to music so if you want to the video is Evanescence -Bring Me To Life.


This is the first book that I will be writing on this site, I don’t mind feedback at all so please feel free I don’t bite...That much.

Before you continue with this book I would like to let you know that it will contain some mature nature...Not all the time but from time to time.

If you are a person who has a problem with it then please don’t read it and then act surprised when you see something mature 

The characters in this book are completely fictional and are NOT based on anyone

Other than that please enjoy the book and Let me know what you think :)x


The sound of crows flying outside filled her ears as she lay strapped to her bed. It was no use trying to break free because she knew they would come in and punish her in some sick twisted psychological way.

Her eyes looked around the room hoping to see something better, something new, something different.

The nail marks she left months ago as they dragged her into the room remained perfectly intact. She flinched remembering the day she ended up in an asylum, nobody believed her. Her uptight debutant mother pushed it aside as usual and her aloof father obviously didn’t have time for her “nonsense” as he would call it.

Her body suddenly felt a sudden jolt of life and she knew he was close because after that beautiful feeling of being alive came the excruciating pain.

She silently begged him in her mind to let her be.

“Dragul meu” a deep, seductive voice spoke out of nowhere

“Please” she begged looking around the room in pain, her eyes screwed shut as the pain increased.

The only thing she was able to see was the silhouette of his body as his extremely tall figure walked towards her and then just like the other times he took her vision away before she could get a good look at him.

It felt like a never ending nightmare, her body was covered in a light sweat and started to subtly shake. She thrashed around hoping to loosen up the tight belts around her wrists and ankles but it was no use.

“My long journey here has made me quite hungry” He drawled out while a long nail trailed up her leg from her ankle to her hip, taking the hospital gown with it

In seconds he was on top of her, head in the crook of her pale neck

“Make the pain stop p-please”

“Now what fun will that be” he huskily spoke against her neck

“Pl-please don’t” she begged pathetically, feeling her body disconnecting from her soul, it was his fault she ended up there in the first place.

“Stop pl-”

Her pleas where cut short when she felt something pierce her neck, the pain was unbearable; her body felt like small knives where stabbing her everywhere, her hands felt like they had been placed on an open flame. She released an ear piercing scream that made her throat feel like she swallowed a bag of sand.

He released a groan as his large hand roughly grabbed her jaw, turning her head to get more access to her neck. His nails dug into the soft supple skin, drawing blood

Her legs bent, her back arched and her eyes closed tightly while she continued screaming and thrashing around. She could tell he was losing patience with her. His other hand moved to her hip and he squeezed tightly restricting all movement. The belts burned as they rubbed against her skin.

“Mm” he released a satisfied moan biting and sucking harder, tears rolled down her face and she clenched her fists, her long nails breaking skin.

After what felt like hours of torture everything just stopped and he was no longer on top of her.

The door swung open, the sound of people’s shoes against the cold hard ground echoed in her ears reassuring her she was still alive.

“Rory” The nurse called her name tapping her cheek softly

“She’s losing control again”

“H-he was here, my body-I-I can’t see anything” she yelled panicking

“No one was here, It was just in your mind” There it was again...the same thing they told her after every twenty days when he would appear.

“We can’t hold her down, Call Dr Dawn” The female nurse yelled while she tried to hold her down

More footsteps where heard with the sound of wheels squeaking towards her bed.

“We just need you to calm down Rory” She heard him say gently and her mind immediately registered what he was about to do.

“No! Please I’m telling the truth, believe me please” she begged and did everything in her power to sound convincing.

“Hush” the nurse soothed her while the injection went deeper into her arm.

Just as her vision came back her world was taken into a black vacuum.

Let me know what you think:)xx



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