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1. chapter one

"Time to make hell." I sighed happily getting out of bed knowing this was the last day and I was gonna make everything shitty .

I ran downstairs and immediately started eating my breakfast.

"Try to do well today." My mother sighed patting my back

I never wanted to come to America anyway , I was fine in Britain , but then my mum and dad got a divorce and my Mums a Cowell , VERY stubborn , only takes what she wants .

Yes , I'm Simons niece , but I've only seen him once when I was around five , and now I'm 16 so aha .

I ran upstairs and put on high waisted short shorts and and a nirvana T shirt tucked in .

I braided my hair in pigtails down the side .

Yeah I don't know I'm weird okay ?

I put on my converses and skipped downstairs and out the door where my friend Julianne was waiting .

"Mariah , what are your plans for summer ?" She asked

"Eh hanging with my guy friends at the beach and god knows what ." I said smiling

She nodded "walking ?"

"Yep." I said

As soon as we got there I caused terrible havoc




Etc :v

They made me leave early

Dicks .

I sighed holding my head down as I walked down the street . I heard a voice from the inside of my window closet to the front door , but it wasn't mum , it was deeper , huskily , I don't know it wasn't something if heard in a while

In walked in to see none other then my mother and my uncle Simon chatting

"Hun ." She said faking a smile at me

"Since your behavior has been poor here in America , I've decided to let you go spend the summer months in Britain with Simom at his residence ." She said placing a hand on my back

"Hello love ." He said Also faking a smile

"You'd better get packing , you leave in the morning at noon ." My mother said pushing me upstairs

I packed all my clothes , makeup , hair accessories , feminine products etc. and sat in in my door way along with my purse with my charger , laptop , and some other electronics .

I walked back into the kitchen

"Will I get to see Dad?" I said looking directly at Simon

"I suppose so , if you must ." He said letting out a sigh

"Anything special planned ?" I sighed

"Just ... A party the day after we arrive , that's all." He said

I nodded and sat down in the living room and switched on the Telly .

"Teen heart throb harry Styles has been spotted moping lately . Could he be heartbroken , more at eleven."

"Well damn ." I mumbled

I felt bad for that guy .

I went upstairs and sat in my room when a rock hit my window .

I opened it

"Aye Mariah , Chloe ..wants you." She said referring to her bitchy older sister that had a stick up her ass .

Typical bleach blonde cheer leader .

"Why?" I said climbing out of the open window

"She read that note you passed to Kiyler on the bus , you know , the 'Chloe's a fat blonde slut' one " she said

Kiyler and I were close and I was trying to make him laugh because , well he was feeling depressed .

"Fuck it ." I said scrambling down the street .



"Mariah ! Mariah !"

"She's gonna go get Chloe ."

"Well Zayumm , go girl ."

My neighborhoods got a lot of awkward teens

As soon as I got there she was by the mailbox blowing on her nails

"So I'm a fat blonde slut?" She said plainly

"I don't lie." I said looking her directly in her demon filled eyes

"Excuse me?"

"Oh your excused Hun."

"IM NOT FAT!" She said getting closer

"Eh , you could use some liposuction ." I said sneering

She scoffed loudly

"I'm not a slut either!" She said now breathing in my face

"Obviously , Honey , you are . You've slept with all the freshmans and half the seniors ." I said pushing her back off of me

"Just mad because Kiyler won't fuck you ." She said smirking

"You're just a dumb , blonde , FUCKTARD." I said lunging at her

I smashed her face in the dirt and hit her in the stomach with my knees

She tried to fight back

I took her by her hair and slammed her face into the mailbox knocking her unconscious .

"MARIAH , MARIAH , MARIAH!" The crowd that had now formed cheered

I saw Julianne in the back frowning at me . She turned and fled behind her house

I pushed through back to my house .

"MARIAH SIMONE !" She scolded

"Mom she made me ." I whispered

"HER MOTHER IS MY BOSS !" She screamed

"WELL ILL BE OUT OF HERE BY NOON TOMORROW SO YOU DONT HAVE TO DEAL WITH MY SHIT ." I screamed running up to my room and pushing passed my confused Uncle Simon

I took my bags and threw them out the window so they landed right by Simons range rover .

I stuffed my head in the pillow .

"Mariah , the police are here ." My mother said titling her head

I got up and walked onto the porch

"Yes?" I said acting like nothing happened

"Were you the one who in assaulted miss Baskin ?" The officer asked

"She pushed me twice , i was defending myself . I had to get away ."

"Witnesses ?"

"Julianne Baskin or Kara Burton my neighbor who I saw down by the trees close to Chloe's ."

He nodded and and got into his car and journeyed back down to Chloe's

I went straight to my room and shoved my head in my pillow and went to sleep.

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