To All My Lovely Bad Boys

"I own you," he says. I look at him crossing my arms. "You own nothing Malik," I scream. He pushes me against the wall, holding my hands tight. Shit. I'm trapped. He smirks at me, "I own you. don't forget it." 18 year old Blaire Dove is a badass girl. A bad history and a mysterious man bring her and 21 year old Zayn Malik. When these two evil masterminds meet it could mean the end of the world. But for who? 14+ ©2014


7. chapter 6

I smirked, "you do?"

Chad gives a wicked crooked smile in direction before scribbling down an address on an old napkin, "here's the address of the main building," he says, handing me the paper.


Suddenly we heard sirens outside and lights flashing brightly in the window and the sewed seams of the aching walls.

I grab my bag and run towards the back exit, "thanks again for everything Chad!"

I feel his smirk, "don't worry about me, I'll 'take care' of the police."

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