To All My Lovely Bad Boys

"I own you," he says. I look at him crossing my arms. "You own nothing Malik," I scream. He pushes me against the wall, holding my hands tight. Shit. I'm trapped. He smirks at me, "I own you. don't forget it." 18 year old Blaire Dove is a badass girl. A bad history and a mysterious man bring her and 21 year old Zayn Malik. When these two evil masterminds meet it could mean the end of the world. But for who? 14+ ©2014


4. chapter 4

Chad looks at me curiously before turning towards his professional computer and typing his fingers off.

About five minutes go by before he turns slightly towards me, curls his lip, and beckons me forward.

I walk over to him and look at the computer screen. The words top secret written in a red crested font hover on the blank white snow paper.

Chad scrolls down to the next page and there is a picture with a caption below it. The caption reads;

Agent 00P390

Real name: Malik, Zayn

Code Name: Tattoo

Age: 21

Ranking: Class A

Position: Vice President of the FBI

The picture shows a boy who looked to be in his early 20s wearing I spy/agent looking uniform. His piercing eyes shine brightly through the cool computer screen.

In other words: he was hot.

I looked at Chad before he scrolled further into the file. There was a small article about him. It read;

Agent Zayn Malik, otherwise known as agent 00P390, is the highest ranked official of his age. Being one of the highest top ranking spies in the nation at just 21 years of age is quite an amazing feet. He is known for being sincerely brutal to all of his enemies, even if they are weaker than he is. Only known to those in the secret service, the boy is working on taking down 18 Blaire Dove, a small town girl known for being just as brutal to her enemies. Zayn recently discovered that She is believed to be working with the Communist union on the other side of the country. Zayn insists on slaying her himself, in quote; 'She is a worthy player in the game of life. I may have finally met my match.' I will report more as the story develops.

I gulped grabbing my neck, "Slay her?!"

Chad looks gravely at me, "you are doomed."

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