To All My Lovely Bad Boys

"I own you," he says. I look at him crossing my arms. "You own nothing Malik," I scream. He pushes me against the wall, holding my hands tight. Shit. I'm trapped. He smirks at me, "I own you. don't forget it." 18 year old Blaire Dove is a badass girl. A bad history and a mysterious man bring her and 21 year old Zayn Malik. When these two evil masterminds meet it could mean the end of the world. But for who? 14+ ©2014


3. chapter 3

I clink to the wall a moment before taking a deep breath.

"Running from the police again?" Chad says sitting at a desk in front of me. He sips his mango tea, much as he always does. Filled to the brim with black liquid.

I give him a look, putting a hand on my hip, "what else can I do? I'm wanted in 7 states."

He looks at me with his famous slick buffered brow, "wanted in 7 states.... For something you claim not to have done?" He takes another gigantic swig of his tea.

I stand in utter silence for a moment, "you know as well as I do that the rumors aren't true."

He looks at me with a exhausted expression that had a vague hint of discontent, "if you're here for info on the rumors, I have no-"

I cut him short with a single hand gesture, "I'm not here for that, I need information on a certain person."

He smiled a wicked toothy grin, "now that I may have. Who ya looking for darling?"

I frown at him before giving off a big smirk, "a boy named Zayn Malik."

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