To All My Lovely Bad Boys

"I own you," he says. I look at him crossing my arms. "You own nothing Malik," I scream. He pushes me against the wall, holding my hands tight. Shit. I'm trapped. He smirks at me, "I own you. don't forget it." 18 year old Blaire Dove is a badass girl. A bad history and a mysterious man bring her and 21 year old Zayn Malik. When these two evil masterminds meet it could mean the end of the world. But for who? 14+ ©2014


11. Chapter 10

I scoff in discust, almost laughing, "Why the hell would I help you?"

Zayn looked at me smirking.

His eyes twinkled and he slightly moved his hand under the desk.

Then he points my gun at my chest.

how the hell did he get my gun?!

I gulped as his honeysucle voice melted in time, "because I can kill you right now."

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