Last First Kiss (Sam Pottorff)

A 17 year old class captain falls in love with a high school reject. She's willing to give him everything. Will he leave her wounded or cherish her? Will she change him or leave him? This is Natalie and Sam's story of how they faced their fears, struggles and past by opening up to each other. They explore love and lust and find out if they're the same or the complete opposite.


1. "I won't hurt you."

I shot my eyes open startled by the noise. My alarm was the loudest, most annoying thing ever and when an alarm goes off, that's how you know it's school. Monday. Spring break was over. I did the norms (what I'd usually do on a miserable school morning) then lingered out of the door. I guess I was pretty excited for school too because it means I get to see Sam again. The new kid that joined before the break. Nobody knew why he was here but I heard he was bad news - something to do with getting kicked out. He was very attractive though, I can't lie about that. 


*in school*
"Good morning everybody." said Ms. Howard, "how was your spring break? Did anybody travel abroad?" 
About three hands shot up, she chose Leah to tell us about her amazingly exciting holiday that nobody really cares about. Just as she was about to speak, the door flew open. It was Sam, he was late but ATLEAST he saved us from her story. 
"You're late Mr. Pottorff." 

"Sorry miss, I was too busy thinking about you." He replied.

The whole class seemed to have been smitten with that remark as laughter filled the room. I didn't find it funny in any form whatsoever. Just plain rude. 

He came over and sat on the seat next to me. 

"Hey," he whispered. "you look really hot when you're angry."

I shied away and felt myself turning into the colour of beetroot. 

He slipped a note on my desk, 0798467842...his number. I turned my face towards him and all I could see was him smiling. "So will you go out with me after school, today?" He asked. That's when I noticed his tinted, rosy cheeks, his massive hair, his little freckles and the way he would fiddle with his finger when he was nervous. I nodded. I'm going on my first date, today.


*after school*

I waited at the gates after school. School finished at was 3:50 now. I was beginning to believe Sam stood me up and just went home. I don't blame him, I guess. I started making my way out of school as I heard somebody shout my name.

"Natalie! Hey! Natalie! Yo! Hold up!"

It was Sam. He sprinted towards me. I turned away from him.

"what'd I do?" He asked, completely clueless.

"I thought you stood me up." I said, eyes down.

He lifted my face up causing me to look into his eyes. They were such a pretty shade of brown, almost like a hazel but darker.

"I would never do that. I got held back, detention. I think

Ms. Howard is in love with me." We both giggled quietly. "Plus, why would I stand up the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on?" 

I turned my head out of shyness but felt him pulling it back to his direction. He slowly brought me closer to him, I started breathing heavily at this point. "Stop, Sam. I've never kissed anybody before."

"Its okay. Trust me. I won't hurt you." He held me so tight that I'm pretty sure I could feel his heart beating. For the first time in a long time, I felt wanted. Unexpectedly, his lips crashed against mine in the most perfect way. I could taste the mint off his breath and I could feel him smiling during the kiss - which caused me to smile too. It was magic, the way his lips connected with mine. It was right, and somehow, among all of the craziness and stuff said about him; something inside me changed, never to be reversed. For now, I was content to feel his breath come and go with mine. He didn't seem like a bad guy, he made me feel loved. He was my first kiss...and correct me if I'm wrong but it'd be perfect if he was my last, too. I think I'm in love with him.

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