The Dark Side Of Things : A Dramione Story.

Draco has a mission set by 'he-who-must-not-be-named' and he must complete it, but when an unexpected event occurs everything changes. What if the Brightest witch of her Age had a past that has not been spoken about to any soul? What would happen if it was slipped out. The two find themselves in situations far too complicated to get out alone and one may have to lose their pride.


1. Prolouge


"Draco! Draco!"

"What!" Draco snaps at Lucius. He lifts his head up to look at his father. Sunken eyes and dark circles. He started to think that he might be like that in a couple of months.

"The dark lord wants to see you. Go now he is waiting for you."

"I don't want to go. Can you not see that I don't want to do this?"

Lucius hesitated for a while but replied "Draco, You know why you need to do this. We have failed him many times and if you do this we can get back into his good books. If you don't, we will get killed."

"Why should I pay for your failures?!" Draco storms out of the room making his way to see the dark lord. He knocks on the door twice and waits till a voice says "come in"

"ahh Draco, please sit." Draco fixes his eyes on the seat. He starts moving towards it shaking in fear.

"Your cowardice of a father failed me. So I have a proposition for you. Kill Dumbledore and your family will be left untouched. He needs to meet his end before the end of the school year."

"Why me?" Draco thought out loud.

"why you?" Draco realized that he said that bit too loud.

"You are now one of my followers and you haven't been given a task yet. You must finish this task or else there will be severe consequences. You may leave now."

Draco left as quickly as possible never wanting to see The Dark Lord again. But he will have to face him again soon because of the task. He could sense the feeling of impending doom.

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