The Dark Side Of Things : A Dramione Story.

Draco has a mission set by 'he-who-must-not-be-named' and he must complete it, but when an unexpected event occurs everything changes. What if the Brightest witch of her Age had a past that has not been spoken about to any soul? What would happen if it was slipped out. The two find themselves in situations far too complicated to get out alone and one may have to lose their pride.


7. 6. Dance.

Draco spent the next day the way he would normally spend it. In deep and utter sadness. He couldn't think why he broke down last night.

He was in the middle of divination when the gryffindors, ravenclaws and slytherins were called to go to the Great hall.

He was the last one to enter the hall and realized that the girls were sitting on one side and the boys were sitting on the other. This was the same predicament from the Yule ball in fourth year but why put the Slytherins and Gryffindors together? Draco could tell that this was going to be chaotic.

Professor Mcgonagall stepped on top of the platform

"ahem, could everyone quiet down please? thank you. This year there will be a ball and the theme is Masquerade. As the occasion is coming soon Proffessor Snape and myself will be showing you how to dance in the ball and how to not dance like babbling, bumbling band of baboons. We will now pair you up."

Every boy groaned at the thought of the masquerade ball while the girls were already squealing in Excitment.

"Pansy Parkinson and Ron Weasley" everyone snorted at the pair.

"Bloody hell"

Pansy slapped his forehead.

"what is that supposed to mean?"

Weaselbee then turned to scar face mouthing 'help me'. Draco just smirked.

Names being called went on and on and on.

"...and Draco Malfoy"

Draco's head shot up. Who was he paired up with. Looking up he finds a pair of eyes glaring at him.

Hermione Granger.

"I don't want to be with a mudblood scum" Draco shouted making the slytherin's hiss with laughter. Draco just smirked.

"I don't want to be paired up with a blonde haired ferret" Said the mudblood. The Gryffindors roared with laughter.

"SILENCE! Tough. Mr Malfoy & Ms Granger you have been paired up and that's final no exceptions." Proffessor mcgonagall Stared at the pair.


"No exceptions!" Draco tried to speak but cut off. Proffessor mcgonagall then turned away to put the music on. Waltz music then came blasting out.

"Great!" Draco thought.

He then put his hands on Granger's waist and one in her hand. He wanted to be sick.

"Look into each other's eyes and sway with each other's movements"

Draco pushed Hermione making her fall on the record player with her shirt sleeve ripped. He examined the sleeve. His eyes widened at what he saw. Hermione followed where his eyes were looking towards to. Draco covered her arm right before anyone realized it.

"what on earth happened here?" Snape snapped.

"this bloody ferret pushed me towards here."

"it's not my fault that The mudblood is very clumsy"

"15 points from gryffindor for clumsiness and detention. 5 points from slytherin for pushing and detention."

Draco groaned he had no time for this


After Proffessor mcgonagall let them leave Draco pulled Hermione to the room of requirement.

"why did you run away from me last night?"


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