The Dark Side Of Things : A Dramione Story.

Draco has a mission set by 'he-who-must-not-be-named' and he must complete it, but when an unexpected event occurs everything changes. What if the Brightest witch of her Age had a past that has not been spoken about to any soul? What would happen if it was slipped out. The two find themselves in situations far too complicated to get out alone and one may have to lose their pride.


4. 3. Gone.

Draco saw his mother tied up to a chair with blood dripping down from her mouth and nose. She had bruises everywhere. Voldemort had his wand on her throat. He looked to the right to see his father just watching. Not even bothered to do anything. Such a coward Draco thought but then again, he was too.

"Time is ticking" said the dark lord.

"if you haven't finished this task by the end of this year you might aswell say bye to mummy and daddy."

Draco looked down to the floor. His family is going to die because of him.


His head snapped up to see his Mother on the floor screaming and withering in pain.

"no. please no." Draco fell to his knees.

"let her go please"

Draco woke up trying to catch his breathe. He couldn't do this anymore. His eyes were watery and sore. He glanced at the clock 04:23

"oh fuck" he groaned. He changed into his Slytherin robes and left the dorm. He headed his way to the astronomy tower only to be greeted by the sound of sobbing. Draco hid behind a wall trying to figure out who this girl was.

"why me? why did I get involved in this? why did he choose me? I hate this tatoo on my arm?"

Draco froze. "Is this person a death eater? Maybe this person understands my pain" Draco stared at the plain wall in front of him. One side of him wanted to go and comfort her because she might know what he is going through but the other side just kept saying that person won't understand and she might not even be a death eater in the first place. Draco decided to go and comfort her. Draco needed someone right now to just be there. He walked towards to where the girl was before only to find out that she was gone.

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