The Dark Side Of Things : A Dramione Story.

Draco has a mission set by 'he-who-must-not-be-named' and he must complete it, but when an unexpected event occurs everything changes. What if the Brightest witch of her Age had a past that has not been spoken about to any soul? What would happen if it was slipped out. The two find themselves in situations far too complicated to get out alone and one may have to lose their pride.


2. 1. Confusion.

Chapter 1

The train whistle sounded making Draco's head hurt even more than before. He's been very sleep deprived lately over thinking over the fact of having to kill Dumbledore. Looking over in the distance he could see parents hugging their children before they went off. He remembered how his mother used to do that whenever he went to Hogwarts, But ever since the Dark Lord had risen his parents had to go on a low profile. Draco got on the train heading to the Slytherin Compartments. While he was walking he could notice people giving him dirty looks they were mostly Gryffindors. BAM! He collided with another human.


Recovering from the impact he looked up just to see Granger in tears.

"Oh look the Mudblood is crying, Do me a favour and just run back to Weasel and scarhead, I don't want to see your filthy face"

Draco felt that bullying people helped him let off steam. Just then the mudblood wiped the tears off her face and took a step forward towards Draco.

"You know what Draco, Words hurt. You can't just waltz in here and start treating everyone like shit. You are an arroggant, cocky good for nothing arsehole. Why don't you just get that into your thick head."

Draco stood there shocked. The mudblood has never answered him like that before.

"not saying anything back huh? truth got your tongue?"

Draco was confused. What happened to Granger he thought.

"I thought so" The mudblood smirked and walked away. Leaving Draco to ponder in his thoughts.

"Did that just happen?"

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