Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


8. Chapter 8: Hope

Chapter 8 Hope


7 months had gone by. Selena hadn’t been found yet, but because she hadn’t tried anything I was allowed to walk around town freely.

I walked through the park. It was a nice day. The sun was shining. It was warm enough to walk with a summer coat. The ideal day. My stomach had grown a lot. It would be a baby girl. My Hope. I could barely see my feet over my stomach.

I was already walking for an hour and I grew a little tired so I sat down on a bench.

“there you are little bitch” I heard someone say. I turned around and saw no one other then Selena.

“I have called your fiancée over and he will be here any minute now”

“what do you want Selena”

“I want you dead!”

“why, what have I ever done to you?”

“you stole my boyfriend you bitch!”

I saw Justin come closer.

Then Selena pulled out a gun.

“I know he called the cops so I have to shoot you now he can see you but not safe you”

She pulled the trigger and I felt myself explode. Then nothing.


- Justin’s POV -


I saw Allison get hit by the bullet. She fell to the ground. I heard the cops come running closer. One pulled the trigger and shot Selena. I ran to Allison.

“hold on babe please” I put pressure on the wound.

 The medics came rushing to us.

“how far along is she?”

“8 months now”

“call her Hope Justin. Promise me you will be happy I love you” Allison said. Not louder than a whisper. Then she breathed one last time and then nothing.

She didn’t move.

“shoot no pulse. We have to get the baby out. She is dead but the baby might live. Get out of the way young man. Who are you to her?” the medic said

No my baby is dead.

No she can’t be dead we had to live happy ever after. We would get married and raise our baby together.

“I’m her fiancée and the father of her child” I said to the medic.

They pulled off her clothes and started to prepare her stomach. They cut it open and took out the baby. They cut the umbilical cord and the baby started to cry.

“you can come with us if you’d like” he said to me.

The other medic sowed up Allison.

They took my baby to the ambulance. She was healthy.

I got to hold her in my arms.

“hey baby, your mummy died and I loved her very much. I love you to baby.  I love you Hope”

I called her the name Alli wanted her to name. It felt right. She was my only hope right now. My one true love has died.

When we arrived at the hospital the doctor looked at her. He pronounced her healthy and I could bring her home as I was her father. I took her in my arms and called Jaden to get me a ride.

“hey Jade I’m a father and Alli died and I want to go home can you please send someone to come and get me and Hope?”

“hey Justy, wait what you had your child. And Alli died. What  how? She was so good! I will send a car right now!”

“Selena shot her. She was dead in less than 5 minutes. I love her. I loved her. She was my one true love.”

I cried. Hope woke up and saw me cry. Her first instinct was to cry to. I pulled her into a hug and calmed down. I had a child to care for now. I was freaking 19 and was a single father because her mother got shot and died. The world is not fair.

Jaden arrived with a car.

“come man we have to get you and Hope home. I will stay with you for a while to help you if you want”

“yes please” a tear came from my eye.

Jaden took Hope from my arms and held her.

“she looks just like Alli but she has your eyes”

“she is my perfect little angel. My only hope”

We walked to the car. Paps were flowing over us.

“where is Allison? Is it true she died? Is that your child Justin?”

“Allison died. It is our baby Hope. She is my perfect little angel” I said to them. Then I climbed in the car and we drove to now my place. It was ours. But she died so now it’s only mine.

I walked to my bed and fell down. Jaden had taken Hope with him to another room. He would watch her for this night. I closed  my eyes and fell asleep thinking of my Alli.


“Justin hey I’m in your dreams”

“Alli, is that you?”

“yeah it’s me”

“I love you so much. Why did you have to die?”

“it was my time to come to heaven”

“but why did you leave me alone”

“I didn’t I gave you Hope. And I will always be in your heart. I love you Justin”

“Hope is a perfect little angel”

“yes I know. I saw her. She will take good care of you.”

“you made her promise that didn’t you?”

“yes I did. I have a letter for the both of you in the bottom drawer in my nightstand. Read it”

“I will babe, I miss you already, I miss that piece in my heart, you left me a hole”

“will you sing my lullaby to her?”

“yes I will. I love you Alli”

“ our baby is crying Justin. I love you too. And remember I will always live in your heart”


I woke up to a crying sound.

“Justin help I can’t get her quiet” Jaden sounded panicked.

“give her to me. She needs her daddy” he handed her over.

I hugged her close to me and started to hum to her. She quieted down.

I laid her down next to me in bed.





Don't kill me!!!

so what did you think?

I needed to do this in order for the story to work...

So instead of letting her die after book 1 I let her die now.

she lived at least 8 more chapters...





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