Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


7. Chapter 7: escape

Chapter 7 escape


I got up and got dressed. I poked Justin till he woke up.

“get up babe we have to get to the doctor”

“hmm okay 5 more minutes”

“no now Justin”

“okay okay don’t get your pregnant panties in a twist”

“yeah yeah Justin. We have to leave in 15 minutes”

I walked to the car and sat in it, turning the heater to cool air.

Justin came running out and we went to the doctor.

“Mr and Mrs Bieber” we got up and walked to the doctor.

“aren’t you a bit young to be married and get a child.”

“well we aren’t married yet and it was an accident we didn’t know of but it was a good accident” Justin said.

“okay Allison you lie down on the table. This will be a bit cold” he inserted a stick in my vagina and we saw this little blur on the screen.

“that’s your baby. I would say your about 4 to 6 weeks along now”

“That’s our baby Alli” Justin had tears in his eyes.

The doctor printed a copy of the picture for us and told us when we would have to come back.

Everything was good with my child. Our child.

When we got home our phone rang. I run to it and picked it up.

“hello” I said a little out of breath.

“hello is this Allison?”

“yeah this is her speaking”

“well I have some bad news for you. Selena has escaped prison”

“what how could that happen”

“well we don’t know yet just be careful. We will put you and Justin under surveillance”

“okay well catch her”

I hung up.

“JUSTIN” I called



I yelled to him. He came to me. He saw my expression and became worried.

“what’s wrong babe?”

“well Selena has escaped”


I walked away from him. Ohw was all he could say. He just stood there. I walked to my music room. I wanted to write a song for my child. I had a feeling it would be a girl. If it would I would call her Hope. I love that name. It means so much. I said down with my guitar and started to write.


Look in the stars

Look to the clouds

Close your eyes now

And sleep


Love who you are

Love what you want

Close your eyes now

And sleep


Dream of life

Dream of love

Dream of hope

And sleep my all


Dream of you

Dream of me

Dream of us

All we can be


Sleep and close your eyes

Sleep and dream so nice

Sleep my darling

Close your eyes now


We will love you

We will care for you

We will protect you

You can sleep now


Close your eyes

Lay back down

Dream of us

We love you now



I had written her a lullaby. To sing to her when she was little. When she couldn’t sleep.





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