Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


6. Chapter 6: the wedding

Chapter 6 the wedding


Today was the day of the wedding. The room looked beautiful. There was a white walker to the altar. On both sides there were chairs. They were black white and baby blue. The chairs next to the aisle had a piece of flowers to them. The roses were on the tables at the reception. In here were the lilies. Claire had a bouquet of Lilac and white and black lilies.  The lilies were connected through a bit of baby blue. The altar looked amazing. Blake was in a black tuxedo with a white dress shirt underneath. He had a  lilac lily in his jacket. Justin looked kind of the same only he didn’t have a flower. I wore a baby blue dress made out of chiffon. It flowed around me and I looked Hot. Claire came in walking. She walked down the aisle on her father’s arm. She looked perfect. I had to take away a tear. I was so emotional lately and I was sometimes very sick. My stomach didn’t feel very good but it was my best friend’s wedding so I was just going to suck it up. The music started and she walked to us. She looked so happy.

“dear friends and family of Claire DeLuna and Blake Morgan. We are gathered here today to marry these two people. Any objections?” the room stayed quiet.

“okay so I heard you had your own vows go ahead with them” the priest said he was a bit weird.

“Dear Claire DeLuna soon to be Morgan. My dear Claire. I vow to love  you every day from now on. I vow to be with you through the good and bad. I vow to love you so much that I can give you everything you want. I love you Claire” Blake said.

“My dear Blake. I vow to love you until the end of time. I vow to be with you through every step of the way. I vow to be your everything. I will do everything to make you happy. I love you Blake” Claire said.

The priest came back.

“and now I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride” Blake kissed Claire on her mouth. She smiled. They were married now. We went to the place of the reception. The room looked perfect. The food tasted good. Well at least what I ate of it. I felt too sick to eat much. Then it was my turn to perform. I got on stage and sung Love Song to them.

“this was for my best friend Claire. May you have all the luck in life. I love you bitch!” I said. Claire laughed her ass off after I said that. I walked back to my seat and sat back down. It was now Justin’s turn to perform. I listened to his song. He sung boyfriend for them. Because he thought it was fitting. Then the song came to an end.

“dear people may I have your attention please. I have an important question to ask to someone very special to me. Allison come on stage please.”

I walked to the stage and wondered what he was going to ask.

I walked on stage and Justin sat down on one knee.

“my dear Allison, babe, my one true love, will you marry me?” he asked. While opening the jewel box

“yes Justin of course hell yes” my eyes started to tear up. I hugged him and he slipped the ring on my finger.

“you are very emotional lately babe. Are you sure you’re okay”

“yeah I’m fine”

We walked of stage and Claire took me apart.

“well first of all congratz! And second are you pregnant?”

“why would I be pregnant, we have done it with a condom every time we did it.”

“and you’re sure it didn’t rupture?”

“well no but why are you asking?”

“well first of all, you’re emotional all the time and you complain of sickness but no fever and you have a slight bump”

“seriously?! No this isn’t true I can’t be pregnant”

“take a test honey!”

She said. Then she walked away to enjoy the rest of the party. I searched for Justin to take me home. My stomach was killing me. When I found him he said he would take me home. We said goodbye to Blake and Claire and went home.

“Justin Claire asked me if I was pregnant and she said we might have had a condom rupture so I don’t know could we maybe just get a test to see if that’s why I am like this?” I said really fast.

“yeah sure babe. Wait what you might be pregnant?”

“yeah maybe I don’t know”

“Babe that’s the best news ever!”

Justin parked at the store and told me to stay in. He came out with a bag and in it was the pregnancy test. I would test it when we got home.

Justin climbed back in the car and drove us home.

I walked in and went to the bathroom.

I peed on the stick and waited for 5 minutes.

Then I checked it.

PREGNANT it said. How could this have happened. We used protection.


He came running in.

“what’s wrong babe?”

“I’m pregnant”

“really, I’m going to be a father?”

“yes you are. And you will be a teen dad. You’re 19 when we get this baby. I’m only 18.”

“babe everything will be okay.”

We would go to the doctor tomorrow.



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