Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


5. Chapter 5: wedding planning and captures

Chapter 5 wedding planning and captures


- Allison’s POV -


I was talking to Claire. We were busy with planning her wedding. We were ordered to stay inside because they found out who helped Jason. We were looking through some books. I got to pick flowers and music. Justin was going to sing a song to them. I chose some slow songs and some faster songs. Claire really wanted a song from me to play so I agreed to sing Love Song. I was looking through the flowers. Claire her colours were whit black and blue. I decided on some lilac and blue lilies since those were her favourite. And some white roses. Claire was looking through books for some inspiration for her wedding dress. She would make it herself as she wanted to be a fashion designer. She knew she wanted it to be strapless and wanted it to follow her colour scheme.

I ordered her flowers and made sure the music set list came to the right person. The clothes she would take care of. I already found a photographer. The invites were already out. Blake would get a caterer. So everything was thought of.

We were going through books as I heard this strange sound. I got up and walked down to check it out. I screamed as I saw who was there.

“SELENA WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE”  I hoped Claire heard me and was calling her boyfriend, no fiancée Blake right now. He would save us.

“there you are little bitch. What did you think. I was going to let you take Justin away from me without a fight. Hell no. He’s MINE bitch. MINE.”

“well I think your wrong there because he is MY boyfriend right now and you cheated on him so he broke up with you. You haven’t been with him in ages. I guess I can say he’s mine” I said emphasizing the words MY boyfriend. She had to know this by now!

“well he might be yours right now, but after this he will be mine again” she grabbed something from her purse and I saw it was a gun.

“JEEZ YOU IDIOT YOU REALLY THINK A GUN WILL STOP ME. I HAVE BEEN SHOT BEFORE YOU DUMBASS”  I yelled at her. I really hoped Claire would hear it and call Blake. I would die if she didn’t.

“I’m not dumb. You are. Don’t you know it’s stupid to yell at the person that’s holding the gun”

“it’s not like you’re brave enough to shoot me anyways” I stepped closer to her.

“no stay back you bitch!” she yelled at me. I shot forward and kicked the gun out of her hands.

“look what you did bitch” she screamed at me.

She pulled me by my hair and held me. I stepped my heel on her foot. She screamed in pain.

“you little brat. You stupid daughter of a bitch. You whore” she cussed.

I stumbled a bit. The words hurt me.

She dove for the gun. I quickly kicked it to the other side of the room. She tried to run for it but I blocked her way. She kicked me in the stomach and ran by me to the gun. She had it in her hand and pointed it to me.

“you got one last thing to say before you die bitch?” she said to me.

“she doesn’t but I have a thing to say” Claire appeared from the stairs.

She held a gun and pointed it at Selena.

“drop the gun Selena. I don’t want to shoot you but I will if you hurt her” Selena seemed to hesitate.

“drop it now!” Claire said with a dangerous and low voice.

She dropped her gun.

I heard the sirens come closer.

“Alli you tie her hands with this.” Claire told me. She threw me a rope and I quickly tied Selena’s hands. Then the police arrived. Selena tried to make a run for it but she was tied so she didn’t come far.

Blake took her in and arrested her. She would go straight to prison for life. She was furious but we got rid of her. She was going to be locked up forever.

“so Alli thanks for shouting. And now I have an idea for a dress. It will be strapless and in trumpet shape. It will have some Black lace flowers sowed onto the white fabric and I will make a belt of baby blue fabric. It will look awesome!”



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