Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


25. Chapter 25: the hit

Chapter 25 the hit


Jaden’s POV


She ran out of the house. I didn’t think twice about following her. I grabbed my coat and went after her. Just in time to see her look around and see a car come to her. She looked shocked as it hit her.  I heard the loud bang as the car collided with her. I could hear everything happen. The car crashing and stopping. Her scream of fear. The loud bang with which the car hit her. The cracking sound of bones breaking. My heart fell down. I almost had a heart attack seeing her fly through the air like she was a feather. She looked so peaceful whilst flying. I saw her land on the street and then her face turned to pain and not short after it turned pale and no emotion was shown.

I ran to her as the driver of the car got out. He looked so pale. So shocked. No wonder he had just hit Hope. He had just hit my Hope. My Love.

“call the ambulance!” I yelled to him. I ran to Hope and checked her pulse. She was still alive and breathing. I saw the driver grab his phone and moments after that I heard the siren of the ambulance. I sat down next to Hope. Crying. She is my one true love. I will love her forever. I got pushed away by the medics. One of them started to ask me questions. Who was I to her. I was her boyfriend/ the best friend of her father. I watched as they steadied her and took her off to the ambulance. I ran to her and they let me ride with them to the hospital. I held her hand through the entire ride. She felt more cold by the minute. She looked more pale by the minute. What was wrong with her? Would she make it? Would she stay alive? Would we be together in the end? Would she be okay? I love her so much. More than I had ever expected.

We arrived at the hospital and they hurried her out. I ran after them into the hospital. She was taken to a room and I was held back. A couple of arms stopped me. They pushed me back and sat me down on a bench. The person behind the arms sank to the floor and looked into my eyes.

“sir calm down please” she said.

“that’s my girlfriend in there. I love her!”

“she isn’t going to get better if you’re here freaking out. Calm down” I looked in her eyes and saw a calmness and kindness in there that calmed me. I slowly sank back on the bench and thought. The doctor was right. I wasn’t any use to her if I was freaking out. I grabbed my phone and called Justin.

“Justin, Hope was hit by a car. She’s in the hospital, please come!” I told him.

“she got hit by a car?! What?! Is she okay?! I’m on my way!”

“yes, she wasn’t paying attention and got hit. I don’t know if she’s okay she’s in surgery right now. Be careful!” and he hung up the phone to come over.

I sat back and waited. Waited for Justin to arrive. For the doctors to tell me something. For Hope to be okay. For all of this to be over.

Hours went by and I heard nothing. A little after I had called Justin he came rushing in. He didn’t get anything told either. We sat there together. On that stupid small uncomfortable bench. In that stupid white, too clean smelling hospital. Waiting for news about our loved one. About my one true love. About his daughter.

After what seemed like years a doctor came walking to us.

“are you here for Hope Bieber?” he asked us. We nodded waiting to hear more.

“okay this is what is going with her. She had a couple of broken bones, nothing major there. Her head is another story... she is in a coma now and we don’t know when and if she will wake up”

“s-she might d-die?” Justin asked crying. He looked pale and shocked. I don’t blame him. He has his daughter in the hospital. The only thing he had left of Alli, his late wife.

We were allowed to see her so we went to her room. She looked so pale, but so peaceful. The wires coming out of her looked so surreal. Justin fainted as he saw her. His little girl. So injured. When he woke up he went back home because he couldn’t handle to see her like this. I stayed. I promised him I wouldn’t leave her alone. I was always going to be here for her. I also promised him I would call when she woke up. Or when she died. But we hadn’t said that. Just thought it. She was going to have to make it.

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