Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


24. Chapter 24: telling daddy

Chapter 24 telling daddy


I could be pregnant. I could carry his child. What would I do.

“Hope, you do realize we have to tell Justin about us”

“yes I know. I hope he doesn’t get too mad”

“if he gets mad he has the right to. I am in a relationship with his daughter”

“who said we were in a relationship” I teased him. He got a look of fear on his face. Then he went down to his knees. He grabbed my hands in his.

“will you please be my girlfriend?” he asked.

“yes of course you dumbass! I was only teasing you” he sighed relieved and then started laughing.

“you little witch” he said to me and then he looked at me with a smirk. I ran out of the bathroom and he started to chase me. We were running around his house like little children. I would love to have children of our own. If I was pregnant then our child would be wanted. He or she would be loved. When he caught me he kissed all over my face and then we went back to his room. I grabbed some clothes and we got dressed. I wore one of his button down shirts and he wore just his pants.

We went back down and went to the kitchen. I started to cook him some dinner and he sat down watching me.

Then his back door opened. I looked around and saw it was my dad.

“hey dad”

“hey baby girl! Woah what! Why are you wearing only a button down shirt? What has this to do with? Is it Jaden’s? Jaden did you seduce my little girl? Why are you only in pants? Why is both your hair wet? What has been going on?” he started to shout.

“hi dad, because I wanted to and it’s comfy. It has nothing to do with you! Yes the shirt is Jaden’s. No he didn’t seduce me. Because I stole his shirt. Because we had a shower. Nothing that would matter to you has been going on. Jeez one question at a time dad” I answered him.

"calm down Justin" Jaden said.

"calm down you say. Calm down when I walk in on you and MY baby girl while she is wearing little and something that is yours!" Justin yelled. A vain popped on his forehead. He was red with anger.

"we can explain" I whispered to him.

"well start explaining baby girl because the way I see it is Jaden took advantage of you. You slept with him baby girl" he said to me. I turned pale by his accusations.

"what?!" I yelled to him. " you think he took advantage?! He fought me off so long. We fought against our attraction. It was my choice"

"so you admit to sleeping with him" Justin growled. He looked so angry. He charged at Jaden and hit him on his jaw.

Jaden just stood there. He led it all happen.

"dad stop!" I yelled as I ran to them. I got to them and tried to pull him of Jaden.

"don't tell me to stop baby girl. He slept with you. He's my damn best friend. He shouldn't sleep with you no matter what attraction you have" he screamed.

He went back to hitting him. By now they laid on the floor. Justin on top of Jaden.

"dad I went to him. I slept with him. I did it"

"I don't care about you doing it. Fact is he should have talked to me. He shouldn't have slept with you"

"well dad another fact is I am freaking 20 so you don't rule me. I am allowed to live my own life. I am allowed to love who I want to love."

"you love that bastard" he said almost crying. 

"yeah dad. I love him. With all my life." I said to him. He let go of Jaden and walked to me.

"you really love him?"


"okay than I will let it go. But if you hurt her I will kill you!" he said while pointing a finger at Jaden. And then he walked out of the house.

Jaden walked to me and hugged me.

“no let go of me Jaden I need to think” I told him as I pushed him away and ran for my coat. I grabbed it and walked out the door. I was crying in shock. Dad had let us be together why? He was so against us. My vision was blurred by the tears. I couldn’t understand what just had happened. I didn’t hear the horn until the last moment. I looked around as I heard it and next I felt myself fly through the air. I heard a bang when I started to fly. It was all in a flash. I flew through the air and landed on the street. The car stopped immediately. I looked around and then the pain hit me. It wasn’t long before I blacked out.


hey guys!


this book is coming to an end but don't worry!

only two more chapters after this :(

I need your guys help! I am writing two new books.

- one is a book about women written for men so my question for that book is: what do you think men should know about women?

- book two is a mystery book and I need my killer to resemble some type of a really famous actor sooo my question is: which actor would you follow if you were really fancrazed about him; Zac Efron, Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling?


tell me what you guys think!




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