Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


23. Chapter 23: giving in

Chapter 23 giving in


I have to give her space. After every time we had either sex or we were making out I walked away. She fled me. She didn’t want to be with me. She was using me. I wanted to be used. I love her. and she is practically perfect.


- Hope’s POV -


A week has passed since our last time having sex. It felt wonderful. Really amazing. It was perfect, but what was dad going to say? What would the world say? There is this huge age gap between us. During the week we had some more make out scenes but I always fled in time. I couldn’t let it go too far. What if I let it happen? What if I truly fell for him? What if I already love him? Where did that come from? Thinking about loving him made me realise I was already past the point of choice. I love him. He is the one for me. How were we going to let this progress? I won’t flee anymore. I’ll surrender to my feelings. I walked to the  living room where Jaden was watching the television. He had some kind of football game on. Don’t get me wrong football is nice, but it just isn’t my kind of sport. I walked to him and sat next to him on the couch. I was going to see where this was going. Where he wanted it to go. I placed my feet on his lap and sat back. He kept his attention on the game, but grabbed my feet in his hand. He slowly started to massage the knots out of my muscles. It felt really good and relaxing. I relaxed some more and closed my eyes. When he touched a sensitive spot I could do nothing else but let out a moan. He went over the spot again and again I moaned. It felt so good. He turned down the volume of the TV and looked at me. I watched him watching me. Then something from the TV caught his attention and he looked back at the TV. His hands were still massaging my feet when he went a bit up with his hands I moaned again. His hands massaged my ankles and my calves. When I let out this cry of pleasure he turned off the TV and turned to me. He pulled me closer and started to massage my lower legs. Going up to my thighs. I got more and more relaxed as he massaged me. When he arrived at the top of my thighs I quickly threw off my oversized shirt. I laid there in only my thong. He gulped and waited. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my stomach. He went back to massaging and I went back to laying back. When he arrived at my boobs he stopped again.

“go on Jaden I need this. All of this” I said to him. He nodded and massaged my boobs.

My nipples got erect and started to hurt. I grabbed his head and moved it to them. He started to suck and slowly tug on my nipples. Only the best for me. Then I pulled his head further up and kissed him. I slowly sought entrance to his mouth. And he granted it to me. He growled as I played with his tongue. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. Pressing kisses to his chest I moved down his torso. I pulled his pants down and motioned for him to step out of them. He did as I motioned and got closer. I pressed a kiss on his stomach and looked to his erection. It was as big as always. I slowly wrapped my hand around him and pulled him closer. He moved as I pulled. Then I sat on my knees and brought my face to his erection. I slowly pressed a kiss on its head and tasted his precum. It was salty but good. No longer afraid of his massive dick I moved in and pressed another kiss to its head. He growled. I slowly took him in my mouth and started to move. I licked across the head and slowly started to suck. I saw his jaw drop but nothing came out. When I sucked a little harder he sucked in a breath and pulled his jaw back up. I took him a little deeper in my mouth. Then he pulled me up and took off my thong. He laid me back down and slowly pushed into me. Like every time this happened I felt very full. I felt so filled but I didn’t mind. It only made it better. We came at the same time. An orgasm is still the best feeling in the world. Sharing it with the person you love makes it even better. We laid there together, on the couch, panting, out of breath. This time had been even better than before. Jaden slowly got up.

“no don’t” I told him. He looked at me with surprise.

“you sure?” he asked.

“yes I don’t want to fight our attraction anymore” I whispered to him. He wrapped my legs around him and lifted me in the air. He held my butt and walked to the bathroom.

“let’s take a shower” he said to me. He opened the door for me and pulled me in. I stood under the water and he hugged me from behind. He got the soap and started to wash me. I felt horny again. The whole washing experience was so arousing. I felt his erection against my ass and realised he was ready for round two too.

“round two baby” I told him.

“really, you’re ready for round two?” he asked a bit out of breath.

“yeah push it in babe” I said as I bend. I placed my hand on the tiles and he slowly pushed in. It felt a little bit sore but so good. The slight pain only added to the experience. His thrusts became faster and deeper. With each thrust he hit this sensitive spot inside of me. I got closer to heaven with each thrust. And then I suddenly broke down. He came inside of me. Shoot he came inside of me again. What have I been thinking all this time.



hey guys!

yaay I finally get the one chapter a day thing right!

this book is coming to an end but don't worry!

I need your guys help! I am writing two new books.

- one is a book about women written for men so my question for that book is: what do you think men should know about women?

- book two is a mystery book and I need my killer to resemble some type of a really famous actor sooo my question is: which actor would you follow if you were really fancrazed about him; Zac Efron, Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling?


tell me what you guys think!




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