Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


22. Chapter 22: and again

Chapter 22 and again


The next morning we stood next to each other in the kitchen. She was busy making some coffee. I stared at her. She was so beautiful. She had my heart and she didn’t even know it. She tried to ignore me but didn’t really succeed. I caught her looking at me a couple of times. She would look away quickly and turn a cute shade of red. She was so cute. Everything she did was so cute. Ugh I sound like a whipped man. Okay I am but that doesn’t mean I have to sound like one. I walked by her to my fridge and accidently brushed my arm against her back. A shiver went down her  spine. At least my touch did something to her. she looked at me with a frown and went back to ignoring me. I went to make us some bacon and toast. I was standing next to her. with the size of my counter brushing our hands against each other was something that occurred a lot of times. I didn’t mind. Her hands are so soft. So perfect. So womanly. They were one of the things I like about her. She turned and bumped into me. I wrapped my arms around her to keep her standing. I couldn’t resist the temptation and placed my lips on hers. She stood static for like 10 seconds and then wrapped her arms around my neck. She responded to my kiss with such passion. Her lips so soft. So perfect. They shaped to my lips. She was so eager for more. I lifted her onto the counter and stood between her legs. She pulled my shirt over my and went back to kissing me. I twirled her hair in my fingers. I slowly massaged her head. She moaned in pleasure. It was a major turn on for me. Her pleasure was my drug. Her tongue sought entrance to my mouth and I gladly let it. Her tongue was so soft. So perfect. I would fuck her right now, but she deserves the love making not fucking. I pulled her shirt off and unclasped her bra. I slid it off her shoulders and threw it on the ground. She shivered of the cold but not for long as I wrapped my arms back around her. I started to trail kisses up and down her neck. I could see the hickey I left on her neck. It felt so good to give her a hickey. I branded her. She was mine. Nobody else could have her. my thoughts went back to what we were doing when she started to kiss my neck. I pushed her back a little and pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear. She sighed contently. Then she moved to her pants and pulled them off with my help. We took her panties off her in the same swift move. I was never going to wash the counter. She had sat on it with her bare bottom. She pulled my head to her breasts and I knew what she wanted. I  took her delicate nipples in my mouth and started to suck on them. Slowly pull them with my teeth. She sighed and then moaned. She was so sensitive. I moved my hands to her pussy. She was so wet. Soaking. I got her to be soaking. She would have to feel something for me because she responded so fast and so well to my touch. That is like impossible without feelings. I slowly pushed in one finger and she pulled me closer. She moved her hands down to my pants and slowly unbuckled my belt. She pulled it out of the loops and it suffered the same consequence as her bra. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. I stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. She grabbed the hem of my boxers and pulled me closer. She wrapped her legs around my hips so I couldn’t get away again. I pulled down my boxers and kicked them out too. We were back to being naked. She was so soft in the right places. So perfect. So delicate. I pushed two fingers into her to stretch her a little. She moaned with pleasure and looked in my eyes. She didn’t look like she regretted last night, but why did she push me out. She didn’t tell me anything. She pulled me even closer than I thought was possible. We were pressed together. She laid her head on my chest and listened to my breathing. I pulled her hips a little bit more forward and placed myself before her entrance. She looked up and nodded again. She was so quiet during sex. Only moans, groans and nods. I slowly thrust in her. She moaned telling me I could enter totally. I pushed myself in till my balls touched her. She kept moaning with each thrust. Her nails scraped my back. Her hands gripped my ass. She moved with my movements. Clenching her inner muscles. She was still so tight. So perfect. So sweet. I moved faster and deeper. My thrusts getting more rough. More raw. More primitive. I needed her. She was my everything. Then she let out a scream and her head collapsed onto my chest. She held me as I came in her. Then she looked up at me. Again with the regret in her eyes.

“Jaden we had said we wouldn’t do it again”

“you started to undress me Hope”

“I know but you went further”

“you didn’t stop me”

“well I told you now. We can’t do this anymore!”


“okay is all you have to say?!”

“uhm yeah”

“ughh” she pushed me aside grabbed her clothes and ran away from me.


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