Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


21. Chapter 21: soothing

Chapter 21 soothing


We arrived at his place and I put my things in the room he had for me. As I saw my picture frame of me and Julie I started to cry again. She really hurt me.  I sat down on the  ground and held myself. My arms were around me. All of a sudden Jaden came storming into my room. He saw me on the ground while crying. He felt bad for me. I know he felt bad. He wouldn’t dare to feel more. He sat down next to me and put his arms around me. I felt safe and loved. He rocked me back and forth. And I slowly calmed down. I sat against him for what felt like ages. He kept his arms around me the entire time. His thumps were trailing up and down my arm. His fingers were making figures on my arms and legs. His breathing was against my neck. It felt warm and safe. He felt alive and sweet. He was the one I wanted to be with. He was the one I was going to be with. I looked up and saw him looking down into my eyes. He had such beautiful eyes. You could drown in them. I drowned in them. His eyelashes were long and I could almost feel them against my cheek. We were that close to each other. He looked at me. He watched my eyes. His pupils were dilated. His breathing went faster. I was sure he could smell my perfume. I wore mademoiselle by Chanel. The most perfect perfume ever. He kept looking at me like he was searching for an answer. What question did he ask. What did he want to know. Why did he search in my eyes for the answer. Next he got even closer. I felt his eyelashes tickle my cheeks. I giggled a little. That seemed to be his answer.

He pressed his lips to mine. His lips were so soft and perfect. They felt so much better than Clif’s. He was so much more gentle. His lips were so much more tastier, softer, better. He tasted like vanilla and caramel. So sweet and good. As I kissed him back he applied more pressure. The kiss became better. Hotter.  He bit my lower lip and I growled in response. He worked my lips off each other and worked his tongue into my mouth. His tongue was rough but sweet. We duelled for domination but he won. We played with our mouths for ages. My knees started to hurt because I was sitting on the floor. I moved closer to him. Wrapped my arms around his neck. Hands in his hair. I pulled a little. He groaned in my mouth. That was such a sexy noise. The fireworks were exploding everywhere. The butterflies in my stomach erupted.

His arms went under my knees and behind my back and he lifted me off the ground and onto my bed. He laid down beside me. We never broke the kiss. I pulled him back on top of me and weird enough I didn’t mind his weight. It actually enhanced my arousing. He pushed himself up a little and started to kiss all around my face. My eyelids, my nose, my cheeks, my temples, the corners of my mouth. He slowly trailed down to my neck. It felt amazing. So soft but so arousing. I could feel myself get wet. I could feel a mountain build in my core. His kisses became slower. Then he found this really sensitive place. He kissed it and I moaned in response. He grinned against my skin. He kissed the spot again and I moaned again. Then he started to suck on the spot. I knew it was going to leave a hickey but I didn’t mind. He wanted to brand me so I let him. It felt so good. I pulled his hair again and he groaned. His hands travelled down to the hem of my shirt and shoved under it. He slowly pulled it up and over my head. I laid there in my bra and he was staring at my body. He looked at me like he couldn’t get enough of it. He looked at me like I was his dinner. He pulled the straps of my bra down my shoulders and tried to get it off. I curved my back to help him. He undid my bra and pulled it off. I hid my breasts in my hands. Afraid of what he will say or think. He looked at my face and placed his hands on mine. He pulled my hands of my breasts and he inhaled sharply. His eyes turned even darker than they already were. He traced lines on my breasts with his fingers. He seemed to love the reaction my body gave him. My breathing fastened. I closed my eyes. Then he suddenly touched my nipple. I sucked in some air and breathed out slowly. It felt good. He began toying with my nipple. Rolling it between his fingers. Tracing it with his thump. I opened my eyes again and looked him in the eyes. He kept looking for responses and more. I moved my hands to his shirt and started to pull it over his head. He helped me and pulled it off in one swift move. I looked at him. He still looked amazing. I traced his abs with a finger and started to smile. He smiled back at me and went back to playing with my breasts. He placed gentle kisses all over them. It felt weird. It tickled a bit. But it also felt good. It felt right. Then he took my nipple in his mouth and gently pulled on it with his teeth. I let my breath escape in a sizzle. I felt my nipple erect and he tug on it more. He started to suck on it. Move his tongue over it. I had never felt anything like it. I wanted to do something more so I started to wriggle under him. He moved his hands to my hips to keep me still.

“more” I said to him. He seemed to know what I meant. He moved his hands to unbutton my pants and he pulled them off me. He traced the lines off my thong. Julie had made me buy it. I’m glad I have it because Jaden seemed to like it. But I’m not glad it was her. She had hurt me. All thoughts of her went right out off the window as soon as Jaden started to trail down more kisses along my body. I went to unbutton his pants and pulled them down. Now he was only in his boxers and I was in my thong.

“you sure” he asked as I moved my hands to the hem of his boxers. I nodded and pulled them down. I was welcomed by his enormous erection.  I wondered how that was going to fit in me.

He looked back in my eyes and I nodded to him. His hands went to my thong and he pulled it down. He checked my entire body. He trailed some more kisses on me and then looked at me again. I wondered why he looked but then he moved his head to my core. He kissed my inner thighs. And then he slowly moved up. No he wasn’t going to do that was he. And then I got my answer. I felt his tongue go through my core. It touched my clit and I let out a short yelp as it happened. He laughed in my core the vibrations making me even want him more. I pulled him up and he positioned himself to enter me. He looked me in the eyes and I nodded. I was ready to let him take my virginity. He slowly thrust himself in me. One bit at a time. As he was half in I felt a sharp pain. Then nothing after a few seconds the pain went away. And the pleasure stayed. He pushed in further and I felt so full. I had never felt this full in my life. He  moved inside of me. Each thrust brought me higher up the mountain. Then I fell. I fell off my mountain. Every bit of pleasure launched into me. A big explosion happened. I laid limp. It felt so good. He laid on top of me. Panting hard.


- Jaden’s POV -


She pulled my boxers down and off me. Then she looked at me with those big beautiful eyes. I looked in her eyes and she nodded. Giving me my clue. I pulled down her thong which was by the way very sexy. It was bright blue lace. As it was off I looked at her. she looked so perfect. So beautiful. The curves in the right places. I bowed my head back down and started to kiss her body some more. I pressed kisses all over her body. I looked back up at her and wondered if she would mind. I moved my head back down and pressed some kisses on her inner thighs. I moved higher on her body and moved my tongue through her core. She tasted so sweet. Like honey. She was so wet already. She let out a yelp as I touched her clit and laughed a little about it. I could feel she liked that because she became even wetter if that was possible. I pulled back up and positioned myself before her entrance. I looked in her eyes and she nodded. I slowly moved in her. with each thrust a little deeper. She was so tight. Almost as if she was a virgin. As I was half in her face had a look of shock and pain but that soon changed to pleasure again. She was virgin. Why didn’t she tell me? Such a beautiful woman should have had boyfriends and probably wouldn’t have been a virgin but she was. How was that possible? I moved in further. I saw her get more in ecstasy with each thrust. Then she suddenly relaxed as she came. It was a beautiful sight. I came right after her and I collapsed onto her. I laid there panting. She felt so good. Then realisation hit. I had just slept with my love.

“you were a virgin” I stated

“yeah” she said.

“Jaden we can’t do this. You’re 35 and I’m 20. You’re my dad’s best friend. There is so much against us”

“but it was good and we can overcome those things” she got up out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She regretted sleeping with me. It was a hard punch in the face.

“could you please leave” she asked. A tear dripped down my cheek as I hurried out of her room. I love her and she regrets me. She doesn’t like me. How could I have ever thought that.



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