Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


2. Chapter 2: waking up again

Chapter 2 waking up again


- Justin’s POV -


Allison was unconscious for 3 weeks now. We had given a press statement. It said that she was shot by her abusive ex-boyfriend Jason, who was now dead because an agent had killed him because he drew a weapon. At least the bastard is dead. But they knew he worked with someone and  they don’t know who that is yet. I had gone to the hospital every day during the visitation hours. I waited and sat next to her bed. I held her hand. Poured my heart out to her. The doctors say she might be able to hear me so I tell her everything I have been thinking. I sat next to her as always.

“hey Alli, the doctors say you might hear me so I will tell you what my weeks have been like. Well at first I got drunk because I was so overwhelmed and I didn’t know if you would live so I didn’t want to feel. But after that I went back to hoping you would live. I love you Alli. I love you so much. I love you with all my heart. The paps have been bugging me about you. I wanted to tell them we were together but they don’t know yet because you are unconscious and I want to tell them together.”


“Alli did you make that sound”

“mm” she sounded like she was in pain.

I immediately called for the doctor.

“yes Mr. Bieber what can we do for you?”

“she moaned”

“you mean she is coming back to the land of the living”


“well you call her friends we will wake her up fully we need her friends in order to see if she has memory loss which is quite common in this type of cases”

“I will do that. Please make sure my Alli recovers to the  fullest”

“we will try our best”

I left the room and called Claire as she was the only friend I knew of.

“hey Claire Allison is waking up please come the doctor needs you”

“I’m on my way be there in 15 minutes” she said to me

I went back in and saw that Alli had her eyes wide open.

“who are you and what are you doing in my room” she asked.

Pain went through me. She didn’t remember me. That meant she didn’t remember our talks, our first meeting, our first kiss, our first time making love, me asking her to be my girlfriend. She didn’t remember anything about us. I ran out the room crying. I ran into Claire in the hallway.

“Justin what’s wrong?”

“she doesn’t remember me, she doesn’t remember us, she doesn’t remember”

“aww poor you! I am going to see her now. She will remember you in a while”

“yeah” I ran away crying

I sat on a bench next to the hospital in the park. I really hope she will remember me and us.

I went back home to cry in my room. It wasn’t manly to cry but if your first and true love doesn’t remember you, you have the right to cry as man.

My phone went. I looked at my number recognition and saw it was Claire.

“hey Claire”

“hey Justin, I have some I don’t know news”

“tell me”

“well Allison doesn’t remember anything from the last past 2 year. So in other words she doesn’t know she’s famous, she knows you, Jason raped her, Jason beat her almost to death, Jason shot her, Jason kidnapped me and me losing my child. And stuff”

“shoot and all of those paps then?”

“well the hospital told me she would have to stay there for more time to heal and to see if we can regain her memory”

“and how were they going to do that?”

“by photos, her police report, YouTube videos and such”

“do you think it would help if she went back to the place of the  shooting?”

“wait I’ll ask” she was away for 5 minutes

“the doctor says that it’s a good idea, but there would be a medic going with to make sure she’s okay and he said it might help if her song is sung to her so she remembers the whole setting”

“then I will plan that. You just make sure that she gets to see the right things and make sure she’s okay”

“I will Justin. Byee good luck planning that”

“bye Claire. Thanks for giving me hope!”


- Claire’s POV -


I hung up the phone and went back to Allison. She smiled as she saw me. She had been informed that she missed 2 years of her life and I would start filling some things in. I wanted to start with happy things so I looked up her twitter.

“soo Alli, this is what happened. We were in your room chatting and you decided during the day that you would send the lyrics of why not us to Justin Bieber but you were a coward so I pressed enter for you and he responded to your tweet. He organized a recording session for you and your song was all over the radio. Then he helped you search for your manager, Amelia Rose, she is so amazing she is really sweet and just as weird as us so she fit right in.” I showed her the tweets between her and Justin and I showed her some pictures of Amelia.

“okay so after you got your manager you got signed at syco records. You would start recording in a few weeks. If you have your memory back by then and you can live without too much pain you can record your first CD. So but you signed and you had 7 months of interviews and radio stuff and writing songs. Most songs you threw away because you hated them. Then you were called in by Luke, your handler at syco, and he told you that you were going on tour with Justin Bieber. You two hadn’t met yet so you were a bit shocked. Then you started to ramble about the wrong clothes and stuff and then Bieber came in. And he called you beautiful, but you ran away so he ran after you and you hugged and became really close friends. So then you packed together and I got to stay at your apartment and I got your car, thanks by the way, soo well packing was awkward because he packed the wrong closet so he saw your underwear. Then you stayed at Justin’s for a few days and you saw him naked accidently. You called him perfect and an angel and really handsome and you told me has good tools. Well and then you went on tour and it was all very much fun. You had a lot of games and parties you went to and you loved all of it. Then the day for the last performance of this tour he asked you to be his girlfriend and you said yes. And then during the concert something happened which got you here”

She looked at me like she was a bit overwhelmed.

“so I have been through a lot of positive experiences” she said

“yeah, but there were negatives to but I don’t want to tire you so I will tell those after you nap”

She laid back and closed her eyes.

“and Claire thanks” she said to me as I got up.


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