Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


19. Chapter 19: arrival

Chapter 19 arrival


Today was the day that we would leave for the beach house. We wear going to the sea! I had called a cab already and I was waiting outside with my bags. Julie came rushing down and brought her bags. We sat down next to each other and waited for the cab. After a while Clif came down to and we sat there with the three of us. Jaden was going to meet us at his house. He was going to bring food and drinks. Another 5 minutes of waiting and the cab arrived. We placed out bags in the trunk and sat down. I gave the driver the address and we went off. I had my headphones in with a playlist of You Tubers and stared out the window. As we drove the landscape changed from the boring hills with trees and houses to cliffs, birds, and nature. No more boring landscape made by humans. Back to our primitive life. Well a beach house isn’t very primitive but as primitive as Jaden and my dad would let me be. We drove and drove and then I could finally see the sea. It was perfect. All those waves. The blue water. I could also see the cliffs falling into the water. I was going to swim this holiday. I was going to have fun.

We finally arrived at the house and Jaden opened the door for us.


- Jaden’s POV -


Finally my love arrived. She looked perfect. Even though Hope wasn’t mine she was still someone I admired. After all she is my love. I love her. She doesn’t know it, but I love her. So much. I walked to their cab and grabbed her bags. Julie and Clif grabbed their own bags. I wasn’t going to let my love carry her own bags. I quickly walked inside and brought her bags to her room. I showed Clif and Julie their rooms and went back to the kitchen. I thought letting the younger people do what they wanted to do was smart.

Then Hope came to me.

“hey Jaden we’re going for a walk you wanna come?”

“uhmm you sure you want me there?”

“yeah come!” she persuaded me. I got up and grabbed a few things then we went out. We walked the trail along the cliffs.

“hey Clif you wanna jump off a Cliff” Julie asked and she started laughing.

“hahaha Clif jumps off a Cliff” Hope started laughing.

“yeah sure but if I go you go too!” he said.

“wait before you start jumping here. I know where you can jump safely it’s another bit of walking but it’s beautiful there!” I said to them

They nodded in approval and we went on our way there. I led them to the safest place to jump and as it was sheltered by trees nobody could see us there.

Clif pulled of his shirt, pants and shoes and stood in his boxers.

“come one guys get undressed or you have to want to jump in clothes” Hope and Julie shook their heads and started to undress. First off was her blouse. Underneath was a top which she also pulled off. She wore a red see through lace bra. I gulped as she stood there in her bra. She looked so good. I felt something stir in my pants.

She started to unbutton her pants and kicked off her shoes. Then she pulled her pants down and I could see her red lace thong. If I had a heart condition I would get a heart attack right now. She looked soo good. She had long legs. Perfect ass. Perfect breasts that were perfectly held by her beautiful bra. Now I know why she buys such sexy lingerie. She looks amazing in them. I knew if I took off my pants they would be able to see that she did something to me so I decided I would stay up here. I wasn’t in need of embarrassment.

“I will stay up here to watch your stuff” I said when Hope looked at me like she was asking me if I was going to jump in with clothes. She nodded and turned around giving me a nicer view of her ass and back. She looked so beautiful. I kept staring at them as Clif counted to 3. On 3 they all jumped. I watched her go off the cliff. It was so scary. My heart sank. Then I hears screams and laughter coming from down and I heard Clif say that they should climb back up. I looked over the edge and saw that he let Hope go first. Ugh that stupid bastard looking at the ass of my girl. She is mine. Well she isn’t yet but she will be. I will make her mine someday and Justin will be happy for us. They came back up and put their clothes back on. It was a serious loss for me. No more sneaky peeking at Hope and her perfect body. We walked back to my place and Clif and I started the barbecue.

Suddenly Hope came screaming and jumping and running out of the house.

“I got it. I got the job!” she was so overjoyed.

“what job?” I asked as I knew nothing.

“the modelling job for Victoria’s Secret! I’m going to model for them! Yaaaaay!” she bounced.

“you are going to model underwear?” Clif asked.

“well uhm yeah”

“you don’t think I’m going to let you do that do you?”

“you have nothing to say about what I do and don’t do after all you were the one threatening me with the death”

“gosh not that again! You forgave me!”

“well I am still going to do the modelling job!” she started bouncing again. Julie came to join her and held her hands as they jumped up and down. I laughed at their youth. One day I was like that, but now I’m too old. What if Hope thinks I’m too old. What if she doesn’t like me? I panicked and walked back in. After a while dinner was ready and we ate together. Then Hope went to take a shower and I sat in the living room. Julie en Clif were off to their rooms. I got up and decided to take a walk. I went to my room to grab something warm. As I passed Clif’s room I heard this noise. I checked around the door and saw something I had never expected. Julie was with him in his room and they were doing the deed. How could he cheat on her. how could he cheat on Hope. She was the perfect angel en he goes and cheats on her. I won’t tell her. It will hurt her too much. I grabbed my sweater and heard Hope was done with her shower. I was going to get her out of her. I was going to try to shield her from the pain.

“Hope you wanna go for a walk outside” I asked through her door. She opened it and I saw she was in a towel. I gulped. She looked delicious.

“yeah sure Jaden be there in a sec” she said. Then she closed the door again. Leaving me stunned by her former appearance.

I quickly walked to the living room and sat there waiting. After a few minutes she came walking in the room and I quickly grabbed my keys. Then we left the house.

After a full week of fun we were back to packing. I had all my stuff already in my car and I was going to drive Hope Julie and Clif home. I hate him. How could he dare to hurt Hope. Because I had no doubt that she was going to be hurt when she found this out. I walked to Hope’s room to see if she needed help packing but when I arrived at her open door I could see her and Clif laying there. Laying kissing on the bed. I knocked on the door and they looked up.

“you done packing? Can I take your stuff to my car?” I asked Hope. She nodded and pointed to her bags in the corner of her room. I grabbed her stuff and walked to the car. I felt so hurt. She was so perfect. And I love her. But she’s with that ass right now. Then finally the three of them came down and went to my car. I locked my house and also went to the car. I sat in the driver’s seat and Clif went to the passenger’s seat. Damn now I have to sit next to that prick the entire drive. Hope and Julie were giggling in the back. I drove and drove. When we had to wait because of a red light I grabbed my CD case and placed in a CD of Paramore. Julie and Hope started to sit silly dance in the back and I laughed at the sight of it.

Then we finally arrived at their flat. I let them out and grabbed their bags out of the trunk I placed them on the pavement and said bye to them. I hugged Hope close to me. I could smell her perfume. I could feel her curves. She was so perfect.

They went up and out of sight. I walked to my car and drove home.


- Hope’s POV -


We were back home. I placed my bags in my room and went to my kitchen I grabbed something to drink and sat down to watch some television. Unpacking was going to happen later. First I got to relax from travelling.


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