Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


18. Chapter 18: sorry

Chapter 18 sorry


- Hope’s POV -


I heard a knock on my door and opened it. I saw Clif standing there. After he threatened to kill me he still had the guts to turn up at my door.

“what are you doing here?”

He got something from behind his back and I saw it were yellow roses. Those meant friendship. He didn’t even want to give me love related roses.

“I wanted to say I’m sorry”

“so you’re not here to kill me?”

“no I never wanted to kill you I was just trying to safe myself”

“why did you bring your gun?”

“I had a fight before I took you out and I was afraid he would come after us. I just wanted to protect you”

“by threatening to kill me?!” I scream yelled.

His entire story was bullshit. He fell to his knees.

“ please Hope, forgive me! I won’t ever do it again! I want to be with you! I love you! I’m so sorry! I was just doing it to protect you!” he said screaming crying yelling. He was hysterical.

“fine I forgive you but I won’t forget it.”I said to him. He stood back up and enveloped me with his arms. He bowed back a little and looked in my eyes. Out of nowhere he came closer and kissed me on my lips. His lips were okay. It wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t bad either. He pushed me into my room and closed the  door behind him. He laid me down on the couch and laid on top of me. He was heavy. He kept kissing me. All of a sudden he touched my stomach and I gasped for air. He made good use of it and thrust his tongue into my mouth. His tongue was rough and the kiss became too wet for my liking. I started to push against him. He let go of my mouth but started to kiss my neck.

“No Clif. Stop!” I said to him. I pushed him off me and he fell on the ground.

“ouch why did you do that Hope”

“you wouldn’t stop! No means no Clif!” he looked ashamed at my remark.

“sorry. I want to make it up to you. Let’s go on a holiday with you, me, maybe Julie or someone else!”

“where to and with Julie I won’t go without her!”

“to I don’t know the beach”

“oh Jaden has a house there. I could ask if we could stay there”

“yes great Idea! Call him now!”

“okay.” I grabbed my phone and called Jaden.


“hey Hope what can I do for you?” he said to me. My inside shook as I heard his voice.

“I was wondering of a few friends of mine and me could stay in your beach house next week?” I said  in my sweetest voice.

“yeah sure if you don’t mind me being there too”

“really?!” I asked surprised that he would take a vacation.


“okay we will see you next week then” I hung up the phone.

I looked at Clif and smiled.

“we can stay there” he smiled in response.

I worked him out the door and sat back smiling. I was going to see Jaden again. Ughhh that I think this way means I am still not over him. Why on earth did I still like him?

I walked to my room and started to pack a week’s worth of clothes underwear and other necessaries. Then I texted Julie.


 TO Julie:

Hey you me Clif Jaden holiday @ Jaden’s beach house next week. Pack!


FROM Julie:

Seriously?! Yes! I will pack! See you soon!


I was happy with going on a holiday. Finally a bit of peace and quiet.



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