Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


17. Chapter 17: the interview

Chapter 17 the interview


Clif is so cute. But he could be so wrong for me. For f*ck’s sake he held a gun to my head. He threatened to kill me. And I still think of him like he’s perfect. The perfect distraction of Jaden. Why did he have to be a criminal. He was helping me. He was helping me get over that damn Jaden.


- Unknown’s POV -


Clif got thrown into the holding cell. He didn’t know what was going to happen to him. He hoped he would make it out okay and without any punishment.

“Clif Savior we’re ready to interview you” someone called. Clif got up and walked to the door. The door opened and he got handcuffed and brought to the interrogation room. There they sat him down and he had to wait.

“hello Clif I’m agent McCullen and this is agent McCurfy. We are here today to interview you about your actions during the robbing of the bank and the stealing of the Porsche after that”

“I didn’t do it”

“well we have evidence telling you did”

“what kind of evidence”

“a woman saw you”

“not possible!”

“and how would you know that? Were you there but wearing a mask?”


“then she could have seen you there”

“no I wasn’t there so that’s impossible”

“where were you?”

“I was at home”

“anyone that can tell us the same story?”

“no I was alone”

“see your alibi sucks and we have a witness that places you at the scene so you could have been there”

“and what if your witness is one of my ex-girlfriends. They always claim to take revenge”

“so you’re claiming you didn’t do it”

“for the 100th time! I didn’t do it!”

“then why did you bring a gun to the restaurant?”

“I had a fight and he claimed to kill me. I wanted to keep Hope safe”

“aah Hope. How did you meet her? it seems very unlikely  to get such a perfect girl and a Bieber to like you”

“we met when the power went out in our flat and she helped me and my friends to plan a party.”

“and how do you explain the Porsche?”

“I borrowed it from a friend”

“and how could you pay for the restaurant?”

“I know the chef”

“how do you know him?”

“he knows my parents”

“if we ask him that will he say the same”


“why would you rob a bank?”

“jeeeez back to this. Again! I didn’t do it!”

“but our evidence tells us you did”

“jeez find some good evidence! I can get out here now. You have a witness that’s probably my ex-girlfriend and you have no further evidence. Goodbye! I’m leaving!” Clif walked to a cop and demanded his handcuffs off and then walked out of the station. He walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus. He went home and waited. He decided he would go see Hope, because he liked her. He didn’t love her. And was only with her because she looked amazing. He just wanted to have sex with her.

He knocked on the door and she opened.


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