Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


16. Chapter 16: date

Chapter 16 date


The next morning I had a new letter saying that he would be there and that I was supposed to wear something casual but sexy. I went to class and during class I started to think of what I was going to wear. I decided I would text Julie about it.



TO Julie:

Hey Jules I got a date with Clif tonight what should I wear? He said casual but sexy.


FROM Julie:

Wear your awesome red dress. You know the one without a back in it. And combine it with you black high stilettos.


TO Julie:

Thanks will do yaaaay I got a date!


FROM Julie:

But weren't you into Jaden...?


TO Julie:

I was but he's off limits so I decided to pursue other boys/men


FROM Julie:

Aaah okay yeah you go girl!


She sounded a bit weird. Like she didn't want me to date, but I know that's wrong. She would love for me to get a boyfriend. 

As soon as class finished I went home. Julie is my neighbour for those of you who don't know. Well I went home and ran to my closet. I grabbed my outfit and walked to the bathroom. I decided I would take a shower and change after that after all it was 4 pm already and Clif would be here by 7pm. I quickly undressed and stepped in the shower. My bathroom is connected to Julie's room. It's the only place in my room that I can hear her doing things. And doing things she was. She was probably having sex. I heard the sex noises she makes so it isn't a weird conclusion. I decided to ignore the noise and went back to thinking about my shower. I scrubbed myself. Shaved my areas where I didn't want hair. Washed myself with body wash and washed my hair really quick. After all this washing I got out of the shower and went to dry myself. I dried my body with one towel and my hair with another. After it was done I blow dried my hair. It had to be dry on the date because it would look like a bird nest if I went out with wet hair. I did my make-up which was a red lipstick and a fine line on my upper eyelid in black. I walked to my room and saw I had only 15 minutes left. I quickly put on my dress and shoes and checked myself one last time. I looked good. I placed everything in my purse and then my doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Clif. He looked really handsome with his dirty blond hair looking like he had just come out of someone's bed and his pretty face. He wore khaki pants with a blue blouse. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out.

"wait I have to grab my purse and key" I said to him. He looked at me like I was an alien. Then he understood and let go. I quickly grabbed my things and went back him.

"now we can go right" he said to me.

"yeah" I answered. He grabbed my hand and led me to his car. It was quite an expensive car, like a Porsche or something like that, for a student so I guessed he had rich parents that gave it to him. I got in the passenger's seat and sat down. He climbed in and we drove off to our date.

We arrived at this beautiful looking restaurant. The outside was like a palace almost. It was huge with big windows to give the guests a good view over the perfect garden. There were these white-ish curtains hung by the windows to give them a more expensive view. As I was in aah of the building and the looks of the garden we entered the building. A host came running to us.

“hello welcome to 5 star restaurant LaBelle, do you have a reservation?” she said. Woah a 5 star restaurant. Soo amazing.

“yeah under the name of Savior” Clif said. The host looked at the reservations and brought us to our table.

“there you go, a waiter will be with you shortly” she said and then she was off. I looked around. The inside was as beautiful as the outside if not even more beautiful. The walls had gold on them in these perfect shapes and there were these expensive paintings on the wall. There hung chandeliers from the ceiling. They were big and soooo nice. The table we sat on was round and had a white tablecloth on it. We had the most perfect table setting. Everything was so beautiful.

We looked like we didn’t belong here. We wore these clothes that weren’t that expensive looking. In this palace like restaurant I would have thought of wearing a ball gown. Our waitress arrived.

“hello can I get you something to drink?” she said as she handed us our menus. She looked at Clif like he was her dinner.

“yeah I would like a sweet white wine please, Clif what do you want?” I said. She wasn’t going to eat my date for her dinner.

“uhmm a spa red please” he said. Thinking that he was going to drive me back home. Our waitress walked away to get out drinks.

“she wants to eat you for her dinner” I said to him.

“well I want to eat you for my dinner” he said to me. I blushed. Our talks quieted down. He kept looking at me. Then our waitress came back with our drinks. She handed Clif’s drink to him and turned to me. She had this weird smile on her face. Then she grabbed my glass of wine and tried to hand it over to me. But instead of handing it over the right way she held the glass in a way that the wine would go over it. Half the glass landed in my lap and my dress was totally ruined.

“oh I’m soo sorry” she said with a sickening sweet voice.

“it doesn’t matter” I answered with the same sickening sweet voice. The war was on. This was my date. She won’t get him!

“so I would like the chef’s special 3 meal course. and he wants the vegetarian 3 meal course” I  ordered for us. She wrote it down and quickly walked away as I looked at her like I wanted to kill her.

“she sooo wants you” I said to Clif.

“well I don’t want her. You look beautiful”

“hell no I have white wine in my lap so I look like shit!”

“you would look beautiful in a trash bag so this is nothing you are so perfect” he said. He is soo sweet, but I still like Jaden and Jaden won’t leave my mind. Ughh this is frustrating. Then our meals arrived. My first course looked really special. It was some kind of meat place neatly on the plate and it was surrounded by a delicious looking sauce. And it was served with a bit of carrots and something green. It looked amazing and as I took a bite I realised it tasted good too. I placed a bit on my fork and held it out for Clif.

“taste this it is so amazing” I said to him. He took the bite and moaned. He liked it. I liked that he took the bite. It made us look more like a couple.

We ate our first course and then the waitress came to get our plates. She looked at me with this vulgar look. She hated my guts. Then she walked away and came back with our main course. For me it was a piece of salmon laid on top of something that looked kind of red purple-ish. No clue what it was but it tasted good. And on top of the salmon was a bit of lettuce. It tasted pretty good, but I’m not much of a fish fan so it wasn’t my favourite course. Our waitress came by.

“I hope everything tastes good. And I hope it isn’t too much, because you should seriously lose some weight” she said to me. I just smiled at her. she walked away and we finished our main course. Then we waited and she took out plates and brought us our dessert. I saw some commotion at the entrance of the restaurant but didn’t think much of it. I looked at my desert and it looked sooo good. It was like this stack of something like cookies and it had a bit of solid caramel stuck in it and it was surrounded by this caramel sauce it looked sooo good and I really wanted to eat it but something caught my attention. At the end of the room someone sat down with a gun.

“Clif someone with a gun at the end of the room” I whispered to him. He slowly checked it out and he saw something.

“shit cops!” he hissed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me of my chair and in front of him.

“stay still baby girl” he said to me. Then I felt a bit of cold metal against my head.

“what are you doing Clif” I  said to him.

“he has a gun” I heard someone yell. Then all hell broke loose. Everybody started to scream.

“okay everybody. Leave the restaurant now!” Clif yelled. Everybody got up as fast as they could and started to run for the doors. I just stood there. What the heck was happening?

“drop the gun Clif!” a cop shouted. They came walking closer. Clif hooked his arm around my neck and pulled me back.

“don’t come closer or I’ll shoot her. I want a helicopter in the garden and 2 million to leave with and she will live” he said. That was when I realised it was serious. He threatened to kill me. What the heck?!

“Clif what is happening and why are you keeping a gun to my head” I yelled at him.

“quiet Hope!” he said. I almost fell when I tripped while he pulled me back.

I was done with it so I stepped on his foot with my heel. He let go of me so I dived and ran to the  cops.

“you can’t keep me hostage  Clif this isn’t the way I thought our date would go and I didn’t even get to finish my desert you ass! And what the heck is this all about?!” I yelled at him.

The cops walked to him and put him in handcuffs.

“Clif Savior you are under arrest for the robbing of the bank and for stealing a Porsche car. You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you. You have the right to an attorney.” The cop said to him. He grabbed his arms and pulled him out.

“miss can we take you home” another agent said.

“yes please” I got in the car and they drove me home. I had to give directions because the tom tom didn’t know the right way.

As I got home I thought over the events of today, the date.  First the waitress hated me and then Clif appears to be a criminal what went wrong?


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