Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


15. Chapter 15: awkward

Chapter 15 awkward


I woke up feeling confused. I love my best friend’s daughter. She is fifteen years younger than me. It is seriously crazy. Why do I have to have this problem. I am alone and I am happy with it and then destiny makes me fall in love and I don’t want it. I decided I wouldn’t think further of it. I got up and took a cold shower. After that I put on my pants and shirt but left my shirt open like I always do just after I have showered. I walked down to the  kitchen and started cooking breakfast.

“hello anybody home” I heard Hope call from upstairs.

“in the kitchen” I called back. I heard her come down the stairs and walk in the kitchen. As she saw me she held her heart.

“oh thank god it’s you” she said. She sighed relieved.

“who else would it be?” I asked her.

“I don’t know maybe one of the guys I danced with or Clif” she said while blushing. I felt jealousy creep up my back. She kissed me last night and she is blushing at the thought of another dude. Who has made this crap?

“how is the headache?” I asked her to get my mind off things.

“it’s okay.. not too bad just a little pounding in my head” she looked up and held her head in her hands. That was my cue she had a lot of headache.

“do you want some aspirin?” I asked her.

“yes please” she said. I walked to my medicine cabinet and grabbed her some aspirin. She took it with a bright smile.

“so how did I get here? I don’t remember calling you...” that was a smack in my face. She didn’t even remember kissing me. I seriously felt like crying right on the spot. I had just found out I love her and she kissed me and then she doesn’t even remember it.

“you called me while you’d had a bit too much alcohol in your system so I said I was going to pick you up and then you said yaay that I was coming to join the party and such. So I drove over and got you and brought you here.” I said to her

She smiled.

“so I didn’t do anything stupid?” she asked

“no not really” I said.

“so I did do something stupid what did I do?”

“no you did nothing stupid” I said trying to be convincing.

“no tell me I can handle anything I did I am a big girl now!” she said with a raised voice.

“you kinda a little bit were grinding on me and you kinda flirted with dudes and such..” I told her. I couldn’t keep it from her. I love her how would I be able to keep something from her...

She blushed as I told her what she did.

“OMG I did that ughh stupid drunk me! And now I know I have forgotten more than half my night probably... can you get me home I need to change” she suddenly changed the subject.

“uhm yeah sure but first eat your breakfast” I pointed at the cooked breakfast on the table. She sat down and started eating. We sat the entire meal in silence. It was so awkward. She didn’t remember our kiss. She didn’t remember the perfect kiss.

Finally we finished dinner. She abruptly got up and left the table.

“come on bring me back home now!” she sounded impatient. I got up and put the dishes in the sink. Then I buttoned my shirt and grabbed my car keys. We walked to the car and she got in the passenger’s seat. I got in the driver’s seat and sat down to drive her home.


- Hope’s POV -


He looked so good with his shirt open. It was a shame he buttoned it up for the drive. We got in the car and started to drive. I had the feeling he wasn’t telling me everything. He was so quiet and he won’t look at me. And he keeps blushing and such. Why does he do that? We finally arrived at my flat and I got out of the car.

“bye Jaden see you another time” I said to him and I went into the building.

I live on the highest floor which is floor 4 so my flat isn’t very high. I took the stairs to get a bit of exercise and went up. Once I arrived at my room I opened my door and went in. I saw a letter on the floor and grabbed it. I placed it on the table and went to my bedroom. I got some clean clothes and took a shower. Once I was done I went back to the living room and opened the letter.


Dear Hope,


I hope (Ha did you see what I did there.)  this doesn’t freak you out,

but I couldn’t stop thinking about you after yesterday.

I hope your headache isn’t too bad...

well you looked reallyyyyyyyy good last night.

Like amazing. Like extremely hot. Like very sexy.

I regret that I didn’t kiss you.

And I must apologize for my friend.

He shouldn’t have harassed you like that.

I really really really like you.

Like like like you.

I might even have fallen for you already.

Can I persuade you for one date?

Would you please go on a date with me?

Would you maybe become my girlfriend sometime?

I really like your style and personality.

Well I will hear from you soon.



Clif (number 2 on our floor)


Awww so cute. He send me a love letter. Number two on our floor means number 402 okay. That’s the way our flat works. We get a floor and a number on that floor. I live on 406. Fourth floor sixth apartment.  Clif was really nice so I might go on a date to get to know him better. He might get my head off Jaden. Who is completely off limits. If I can’t be with my crush Jaden then being with Clif might take my head off him and I might fall for Clif, what would be ideal. I decided I would slip a note back to him.


Hey Clif,

Thank you for your compliments.

I would love to go on a date with you to get to know you better.

Tomorrow at 7 PM? Pick me up.

We will figure something out to do.



I wrote the note and slipped it under his door. Then I went back to my place and started to kill the rest of the day with cleaning and all of those necessary things.


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