Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


13. Chapter 13: without power

Chapter 13 without power


We arrived soon after that since I live not that far away. Dad grabbed my bags and brought them to my room. He stayed for some tea but left after that. Back to his busy work schedule. You would think that as he hasn’t written a song in 20 years he would be out of work but he still has interviews and he now produces other artists.

I started to unpack my stuff and hanged the new clothes in my closet. My new sexy underwear was going to go in my underwear drawer. I quickly cut of all of the price tags and put them away.

I changed into some sweatpants and a loose sweater I had stolen from Jaden once. I don’t think he missed it because he has never asked me for it.

After I changed I walked to the living room and saw it was 3PM I had a lot of time to kill left before it would be bedtime. I decided I would read a book since that usually kills time quickly. I grabbed pride and prejudice. An all time classic. I started to read and soon three hours had passed. I finished the book and got up from the couch.

I was going to make some dinner as it was already 6:30 PM. I grabbed some spaghetti and started to boil those. I grabbed my can of sauce and heated it up. I wasn’t going to do anything hard. I was cooking easy. I  just needed to eat some and then I was going to think of what I could do next. As soon as the spaghetti was boiled I placed it on my plate. I put  some sauce over it and grabbed my plate. I was going to eat in front of the television. As I finished my dinner I walked to the kitchen. I put my dishes in the sink. I was going to wash them tomorrow.

I walked back to the living room and sat down thinking.

Jaden is really cute. He is so good looking and he really cares for me. No shut up head. You can’t think like that. But he is really handsome. No shut up! But he is! NO head you can’t think like that. For fucks sake he is your father’s best friend and he is freaking fifteen years older. But age is nothing but a number. NO just do something you stupid head. You can’t think of him like that. Go watch a movie now!

I walked to my DVD  collection and picked out the ugly truth to watch. I heard the thunder rumble afar. I walked to the telly and placed in the DVD. I pressed start and set back hugging a pillow close to me. The thunder came closer and I saw a flash every now and then. The movie went on. I have watched this movie at least 20 times but it never gets boring.

The flashes and thunder came even closer. It sounded like it was right above my head. Then I heard a loud bang and suddenly everything went dark. I quickly grabbed my phone and looked for my candles. They were put into these glass cups so you could hold them without burning yourself. I got my matches and placed them on the table. I lit the candles and placed them down so I had a nice view of my room. I grabbed one of my candles and walked into the hallway.

“hello” I called out.

“hello” I heard a lot of thumps and then I heard a door open.

“great you have candles can we have some?” a boy man said.

“no but you can come crash at my place” I said to him. I wasn’t going to give my candles to anyone. I have a fear of darkness so hell no to giving the candles to someone.

“great we will come to you stay where you are we need the light to find you” I just stood in my door and I heard a lot more thumps and mumbles. I guess it was a mess in there and in the dark nobody could see where they were going. They arrived at my door and I looked at them. They were like 22-25.

“hi I’m Clif. I live there”

“oh hi I’m Hope”

They entered my room and sat down.

“nice place you got here” one of Clif’s friends said. I was going to call him number one.

“thank you I guess” we all sat down now and I didn’t know what to say anymore. There fell an awkward silence I had to break.

“soo what were you guys doing before power went out?” I asked.

“we were planning our party and were thinking of who to invite” a boy I named number two said.

“oh well you can do that here I mean you have light and I have pieces of paper” I said. I got up and grabbed some pens and paper for them. I placed everything on the table and they grabbed a pen and a paper each.

“so Hope since you are helping us at the moment I think we should invite you to our party too. So will you  come? It’s tomorrow evening” Clif said

“yeah sure I will be there” I said thinking it would be a good change. My normal college life was pretty boring and I never hung much with boys and such.

“great!” he said. He wrote my name on top of his list and the others started to write.

I just looked at them and sat there quietly.

After what felt like days but was 3 hours the power turned back on. My movie restarted and I turned red.

“nice movie you were watching Hope!” Clif said to me.

That caused me to blush even deeper.

They got up and walked out of my room.

“bye Hope we will see you tomorrow” Clif said as he left the room and closed my door.

I sunk back into my seat and sighed.

That was one awkward 4 hours but at least I got to go to a party through it. That was really good. I decided to go to bed as it was already 11 PM and I had class the next day.

I put on my pyjamas consisting of my underwear and a T-shirt and went to bed.


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