Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


12. Chapter 12: movies and dreams

Chapter 12 movies and dreams


I went back up to my room after dinner and started to pack. I would leave for my dorm room tomorrow. Dad would drive me home thank god! I started to pack my clothes. Leaving a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. I needed comfy clothes for travelling. I packed all of my new clothes from forever 21, Victoria's secret and the shoes I had bought. I grabbed some of the things I couldn't miss like my notebook for songs and my guitar. The guitar was moms so I couldn't live without it. It was the only thing I had of her besides some pictures and newspapers. I packed everything in three bags. Which was not a lot considering my shopping.


"HOPE ARE YOU COMING TO WATCH A MOVIE WITH US" dad yelled from downstairs.


"OKAY HONEY" he yelled back.

I closed my bags and walked down to the theatre room. I saw there was only a place to sit between Jaden and dad so I just sat down.

"what movie are we watching"

"oh the grownups. We were in for some fun" Jaden said.

I sat back and dad pressed play.

The movie was so funny. We laughed at the same moments. Because dad was focused on the telly I could steal a few glances at Jaden. He looked so good in his good fitting jeans and his tight fitting t-shirt. As I stole my what could have been millionth glance I saw Jaden look at  me. I looked straight into his eyes and he blushed. It was like I had busted him staring at me. He was so cute.

Then the movie finished.

"can we watch another daddy"

"well you can but I'm off to bed" he said with a yawn.

I looked at Jaden and he nodded. I got up and chose a new movie. I picked life as we know it because it's so funny and romantic and sad.

I sat back down next to Jaden and pressed play. After a while I got tired so I just put my head onto his shoulder. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer. We sat there cuddled up to each other and finished watching the movie.

"I think you should go to sleep princess"

"no I don't want to Jaden" I turned around and placed my legs on his lap. I now sat across him and still had my head on his shoulder. He put his other arm also around me.

I looked up and saw him looking down at  me. I stared into his eyes and we said nothing. We sat there in silence.

I slowly fell asleep on his shoulder. I woke up when I was being lifted.

"mm" I opened my eyes a little

"go back to sleep princess" I heard him say.

I closed my eyes again and went back to sleeping. I felt myself being laid in bed and the covers were pulled over me. I got tucked in and got a kiss on my forehead.

"night princess." I heard him say and I got a kiss right beside the corner of my mouth.

Then I heard him walk of and I fell into a deep and nice sleep.


"Jaden what are you doing here?" "You're dreaming so you made me be here."

"oh so everything I want I can dream in here"


"well then I want you to kiss me. We all know it probably won't happen in normal day life."

"your wish is my command princess"

He came closer and brushed his lips against mine. It was no longer than a quick second but I felt all tingly and butterflies in my stomach.

"more kiss me more and longer" I said to him

His lips came back to mine and he pressed them harder against mine. I got the tingly feeling again and I felt fireworks. Butterflies erupted in my stomach.

His lips felt so soft and warm. They were the nicest feeling ever. Of course I had been kissed before but not like this. Not this good.

His tongue slid over my lower lip and I opened my mouth in response. His tongue entered and we had a tongue fight. It felt so good. I never knew kissing could be this good. He applied more pressure and kissed me more passionate.



The images in my head disappeared as I heard it.

Ughh stupid alarm shut up! I was having a really good dream. 


Shut the f up stupid thing. I grabbed my alarm and threw it across the room. It stopped making a noise.

I turned around and went back to sleep.

"honey wake up we have to leave in an hour" I woke up because dad shook me.

"noooo five more minutes"

"no honey now. I know you. 5 minutes will become 10"

I got up and grimaced at my dad. I looked at him with a frown.

"good morning honey. Jaden went home already so it will be just the two of us. Get ready"

He said. I pointed to the door and he got my hint. He walked out the door and I came out of bed disappointed that Jaden wouldn't be there to bring me back to my place. I walked to my mirror and was shocked. My hair looked like a mess and I still wore yesterday's clothes. I quickly changed out of them and went to take a shower. I brushed my hair and put on the jeans and sweatshirt I had planned for today. I brought my bags downstairs and went to the kitchen for some food. I grabbed a toast and ate it.

"DAD WE HAVE TO GO" I yelled upstairs.

"COMING HONEY" he yelled back. He came storming down the stairs and grabbed my bags. He put them in the trunk and we drove to my dorm room.


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