Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


11. chapter 11: friends

Chapter 11 friends


I was walking through my room and had no idea what I was going to do. I was home for the week but dad had so much to do it wasn't. I had finally a break from college has dad like 20 interviews and such and the times he doesn't have interviews he's either exercising or with Jaden doing this. Jaden is his only friend. He shut everybody out after my mom died. Or at least that's what they tell me.


FROM Julie:

Hey you wanna go shopping? Xoxo


That was not a bad idea. Some shopping would get my mind off being bored. I needed some new clothes anyway. And it's the perfect excuse to go look at cute boys in the mall.


TO Julie:

Yeah sure let me go ask dad for money will pick you up.


FROM Julie:

Okay is good see you later.


I walked down to the gym guessing dad would be exercising again like he always does. 

"DAD WHERE ARE YOU" I yelled through the house.

"IN THE GYM" he yelled back as I expected.

I walked to the gym and entered.

"dad I need money I'm going shopping with Julie"

"yeah wait a minute and say hi to Jaden"

"oh hi Jaden"

I looked around and saw him working on his arm muscles. He looked very fit. He had an eight pack mmm yummy looks good. Oh hell no you're not supposed to think that. You're 20 and he is 35 for Christ sake. But he is so cute. He looks amazing. 

"hi Hope. Do I have something on my face" he asked.

He noticed me staring at him.

"no" I said quickly. I blushed a little. He had busted me staring at him. That's so embarrassing. But he looks so good.

"hey baby here's the credit card. What did you say you were going to do?"

"I uh I I was uh"

"she was going shopping with Julie" Jaden saved me.

"yeah I was going shopping"

"well okay. But spend no more than 10000 dear!"

"I will daddy. Thank you"

I sped out of the gym and walked to the garage.

I got my car and started to drive to Julie. Once I was in front of her house I pushed the horn of my car.

Julie came running out and sat in the car.

"hey girl got any new boy news?" she asked me.

"well at school there are seriously barely cute boys."

"oh that sucks well anything other"

"Jay looks good. He has an eight pack and he is sooo handsome" I told her. I tell her everything. She knows I'm still a virgin. Which she thinks is  weird because in her words I'm hot and every guy likes me. She also knows I usually like older guys. They are nicer and know more about life and woman.

"ha I told you so. You like older guys. And does he like you"

"there is 15 years between us Julie. Of course he doesn't like me. Plus I don't like him I just think he looks good"

"you sooo like him" I slapped her arm. Not really knowing what to say.

We finally arrived at the mall. She got out and we went to forever 21.

"OMG Hope this would look soo hot on you." she grabbed a little black dress. It had lace on top and the bottom was satin like. It did look good but my bra would be visible in it. She walked further and threw my arms full of clothes. She has an amazing fashion sense so I usually let her pick my clothes.

I left forever 21 with 8 new outfits.

"to Victoria’s secret my dear you need new underwear to seduce your man in"

"I'm not going to seduce anyone but I do need new underwear" we walked into Victoria’s secret and Julie immediately grabbed different kinds of underwear. Every piece was sexy. It had to have a lot of sex appeal. I just tried them on and paid for them. Then we went to the shoe store. I love that store. I walked to the heel section and started trying on. I bought a pair of brown leather shoes that were flat. A pair of purple heels and a pair of heels with studs. They looked so amazing. Then the shopping was done.

We walked back to the car and I drove Julie home. She got out.

"bye Hope will see you tomorrow and you will start kissing boys and man. You can't become a woman with cats and still a virgin at like 30 years old. You just can't. I will start giving you lessons."

"bye Julie and we'll see about that."

I drove away and went back home.

I got all of my bags from the car and threw them inside. The I parked the car and opened the door. I walked straight into Jaden.

"woah there girl watch your step"

"yeah yeah I will"

I walked inside and started to take bags up to my room.

"you have bought almost the entire mall it seems" I heard Jaden say from behind me.

"naaaah just half of it" I joked. He had the rest of the bags with him.

"so what did you buy. I see some forever 21 some Victoria’s secret and some shoe store"

I got everything out of the bags and started to put them where they would belong from now on. I took out the shoes first. I showed them to Jay and put them in the closet.

"shoes are nice!" he said.

Then I took out the forever 21 outfits.

"you really think Justin will let you out of the house in that dress"

"he won't know and you aren't going to tell him are you?" I gave him the puppy dog eyes.

"okay fine I won't tell him but if he finds out I know nothing!" he said.

After I put my new outfits away I started to take out everything from Victoria’s secret. I saw Jaden look at it with his eyes wide open. He was shocked I wore this kind of stuff.

"y-y-you wear that?!"

"yeah it's just underwear. It's not like anyone is going to see it. It just feels good to have it on and I feel sexy in it."

"good that nobody sees it but you're already sexy. You don't need that type of underwear to prove that to you" he said. Then he realised what he just said and he turned red.

"thanks Jay" I said.

I put away the underwear and pushed Jaden out of my room.

"are you eating with us or not?" I asked.

"I'll be joining for dinner yeah"

"okay well go bother Justin now I have to cook"

I shoved him out of the way and walked down to the kitchen. I decided I would make some lasagne for us. I got out the ingredients and started to cook.

"BOYS DINNER IS READY" I called them.

They came running down and Jaden run into me. He held me close to him in order to keep me standing.

"you keep running into me" he said.

"well this time it was you running into me" he looked into my eyes. He had a little laugh around his lips and his eyes crinkled. He stared at my lips. Then looked back in my eyes. He was going to kiss me.

"you can let her go now Jaden"

Dad said.

Ughh stupid father. I was in the arms of my crush and he was going to kiss me. Wait did I say that. Did I crush on Jaden? My father’s best friend for over 20 years. Did I want him to kiss me? Ughh my mind is speaking to itself.

I grabbed the lasagne and placed some food on their plates.



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