Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


10. Chapter 10: growing up

Chapter 10 growing up


- Unknown’s POV -


Hope was a quiet baby as long as her daddy was with her. He loved her with all his heart. He missed his Alli, but he could live because he had Hope.


Hope was a playful toddler. She always wanted to play with everyone. She made Jaden play tea party with her. And she made her dad do other games with her. She always  wanted to have fun. She knew her mommy was in heaven. And she had peace with it. She loved her daddy.


Then Hope came to the age where she had to go to school. She had home school because she was the kid of two famous people. She loved her teacher Mrs. Annabelle. She was sweet and gave her candy if she did good. Hope got older and better at school she was a bit of a nerd. She needed to be, because otherwise she would be bored. Her daddy sometimes cried about the loss of her mom. He missed her so much, but as the years went by he accepted her death more.


Then she became 10. She got to throw a big party and she invited daddy’s best friends and her friends from down the street. They played and played and played. She grew up fast. She looked so much like her mom. The  only difference was her hair and eyes. Her eyes were her daddy’s. She went to high school a bit early, but since it was also homeschooled nothing mattered about it. Her teacher Mrs. Annabelle was still teaching her. She became a surrogate mom for Hope.


- Jaden’s POV -


Today was Hope’s 16th birthday. She was already 16. It still feels like she was a baby. I arrived at their house and Justin opened the  door.

“hey Justin where is the birthday girl.”

“oh you know doing girl stuff in the bathroom she thought she had to look amazing for her friends and us”

“haha yeah well I’ll tell her I’m here.”



I walked to their living room and sat down.

I hadn’t been here the past year because I was on tour. I had talked to her and Justin on the phone. Justin said she had changed a lot in the past year. I was ready to see that for myself.

She came down the stairs and I looked at her. She looked amazing. She had gotten a perfect figure in the past year and she learned how to dress fashionably.

“hey baby” Justin said to her.

“hey daddy what do you think?” she twirled around and gave Justin a hug. Then she saw me.

“Jaden hey!” she came running to me and jumped me in a hug. I held her close. I could smell her perfume. It smelled amazing.

She had grown a lot the past year. She was a woman now.

“you’ve changed baby girl” I said to her

“yeah I know I have boobs now and I have a figure now. I’m more woman like now so could you maybe not call me baby girl anymore?” she said to me. she pouted.

“not gonna happen baby girl. You’ll always be baby girl to me. Plus you’re still very short!”

“am not!” she said. She sounded a little angry. She wore heels and even then she didn’t come above my shoulders. She was short.

“well Jay you said you had a present for me. Where is it?” she said to me.

Then the door opened and all her friends came in.

“well here is your present.” I pulled out a key and gave it to her.

“you got me a car?!” she asked sounding very surprised.

“yeah and I already asked Justin and he said it was good”

“OMG so awesome! Thank you so much Jay” she pulled me in another hug. I could feel her breasts being squeezed against my chest. It felt amazing. Wait I can’t think that about this girl. She is 16 for crying out loud. I am 31. This is impossible.

I felt a pang of jealousy go through me as she hugged one of her male friends that fitted way better with her than I did.

I think this was the moment I started to see her as a woman. A cute woman. A sexy woman. Someone to fall in love with. Hell knew I already liked her a lot. She was perfect.



Hey so as promised another chapter! wow two chapters in one day!

I hope you liked it. this was short bit about Hope's life.





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