Song of Hope - sequel to Love Song

this is the sequel to Love Song. Allison gets a baby girl and along the book we find out more about her life and struggles.


1. chapter 1: what happened

Chapter 1 what happened


At the last note I heard “GUN” really hard. Next thing I heard a loud bang. Then I saw Allison fall to the floor. I ran on stage. I saw blood pooling around her. She got hid. The security men pulled me away from her. Then I heard another bang. I didn’t know what was happening. Allison got shot.

“NOO ALLI NOT MY ALLI!” I screamed and tried to get away from the security. The EMS workers ran to her and quickly bandaged her. That they bandaged her was good right? it meant she was alive right?

They rushed her to the ambulance and they drove away with screaming noises.

Kenny drove me to the hospital.

“Hi we’re here for Allison. She’s just getting brought in” Kenny said.

Then I saw her. I ran to her. When I got to her the  doctors pushed me out of the way.

“I got no pulse” one of them screamed

No pulse is bad. That means their heart isn’t working. Allison please live!

They did something to her.

“still no pulse” the doctor said.


- Justin’s POV -


“still no pulse” the doctor said.

“charge, clear” and then they shocked her again.

Beep beep beep. The machine told us she had a heartbeat again.

“stay with us girl you are too young to die” the doctor said.

A nurse pushed me to the waiting room and the doctors rushed by with Allison in a bed. She was taken to surgery. A surgery to save her life.

Since she  would be in surgery for another 6-18 hours I went back to the bus.

When I entered Amelia and Luke were waiting for me.

“how is Alli, will she be okay, is she still alive?” Amelia asked

“Alli is in surgery, she might die, she is alive but barely she has died and was brought back” I said

Then I started to cry again.

Luka and Amelia left and I went to my room. I got my stash of alcohol and started to drink. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen to my girlfriend. We had only a relationship and now she might die. I will never get to tell her I love her.

I drunk some more. It felt good to drink the pain away. I miss her already and she hasn’t been out for very long. The doctors would call when surgery was done or if she had died during surgery. She would be in intensive care after surgery.


- Allison’s POV -


Beep beep beeeep what was that sound. I looked around. Everything around me was white. There was a tree. A little girl was playing around. Out of nowhere the white space turned into a park.

“hey where am I”I yelled to the little girl

“you’re in the in between”

“what am I doing here? What is this place?”

“you heart has stopped beating for the moment. You have to choose between life and death. This place is the place all people have to cross before they will die or live again.”

“well why would I want to die?”

“you won’t remember anything when you wake up. You will have a lot of pain. Do you have loved ones to go to?””

“yeah I have Claire and Justin and my parents and brother. I’m not ready to die yet”

“play with me for a while and if you’re sure you want to live you have to jump in that hole”

“okay” I said. The little girl ran and I ran after her. We went to some swings and I pushed her higher and higher.

“you have to jump now if you want to live” she said to me.

I jumped in the hole.

My life flashed by. The discussion about sending my lyrics to Justin. The beating by Jason. The rape by Jason and his friends. Getting famous. Meeting Justin for the first time. Singing on stage for the first time. Tour with Justin. Our first delicious kiss. Justin fake dating Taylor. Claire getting kidnapped and raped and losing her child. Justin rushing to the hospital because I fainted and finally us getting together. How Justin asked me to be his girlfriend. How we made love the night before that. Our first time making love to each other.

“she’s back” I heard someone say beep beep beep. Ugh again that annoying sound. The clouds were tugging on me so I just went back to happy numbness. No feelings and no annoying beep sound.

After a couple of minutes hours days weeks I went out of numbness. I felt some excruciating pain and that annoying beep beep beep again. Where did it come from? I have heard that before. Then I realised I was in the hospital. Again. Freaking again in the hospital. This is the 3rd or 4th time in less than two years of being in a hospital. It’s something you can get exhausted by. Why did I have to get sick or beaten or shot all the time? I mean hospitals are super boring and I can do nothing else but lie here.

Then I realised I was unconscious. I could think and hear but I couldn’t move or talk or anything. I started to panic in my own body. I was trapped. What on earth was happening to me. Then I felt the clouds coming back and I lost conscious again.



hey guys! this is the sequel to Love Song. hope you enjoy it!

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