Crowley's Princess, Dean's Queen

Andy The Princess of Hell is stuck in a BIG situation when she meets The Winchesters and their Angel.


1. One

I paced the natural wood floors by my fathers corridor, He wants me to capture the Winchesters... ME? Like what the hell? I'm good at this stuff I guess you could say... But, I can't capture DEAN AND SAM WINCHESTER! And My father says Castiel is going crazy..

"Darling, if you want to get things done, you have to stop pacing." Father waves his hand. I stop but continue to stare intently ahead.

"So where are they?" Meg leans onto the wall parallel from me. I look up and wait for an answer which doesn't come.

"Father?" I tap my foot impatiently.

"Right sorry. They're in Brooklyn." Why is he so distracted?

"Brooklyn. You ready for a road trip?" Meg turns to me and smugly grins.

"Only if you are." We head out, taking one of the various sports cars that are supposedly 'not stollen'. I believe that like I believe the earth is square. Time passes, only boring me more and more as we drive in silence. Somewhere between Myrtle Beach and DC I doze off, falling asleep with my face on my hand.

"Hey. Sleeping beauty. Wakey wakey." Meg punches my arm. I squint as the early morning sun comes through the windshield and momentarily blinds me.

"Couldn't toss out a warning about the blinding ball of light outside our car?" I rub my eyes a bit and sit up, listening to Megs soft laughter and I smile.

"That's no fun" I roll my eyes and open my door, climbing out.

"So? Do we have a plan?" Meg shakes her head

"No. I don't even know why Crowley wants them in the first place. The Winchesters are just trouble... And Annoying assholes" Meg trailed off and I laughed.

"Well. This just makes things easier" Meg hits her hand on the car and smirks

"When is anything ever easy for us?"

"I guess you have a point." I smirk and kick the dirt with my foot. Meg surveys the area and wanders ahead of me while I fall behind, looking around at the scenery which mainly consists of brick walls and spray painted murals.

"Shit." Now what?

"Meg?" I walk around the corner and see her standing at the edge of a devils trap with her arms crossed, slightly damp.

"Uh, holy water?" I take a shot in the dark.

"Yeah." She wrings the bottom of her shirt and I watch as water slowly trickles onto the ground.

"Well this is a great start." I mutter to myself as I scrape away some paint so Meg can get out.

"Run." I look at her like she's crazy.

"Wha-?" She shoves me back around the corner so I do as she says and run. I keep going for a couple blocks until someone hops out in front of me from an ally.

"Hey princess." I slowly look up from the ground where I am now pinned and see a boy with shaggy brown hair smiling down at me. Wow, so much malice in two little words. I wonder what kind of grudge he holds with my father.

"Take it easy Sammy. Don't want Crowley on our ass again do we?" I peek over Sammy's shoulder and see another guy who looks like... Oh. These two are Dean and Sam. Great I can put pieces together quickly.

"You're the two Winchester brothers." I laugh and lay my head back down on the concrete sidewalk.

"Everything okay over there?" An officer walks over to us.

"Fine. She just slipped and hit her head. We were just making sure she was okay." Wow. That was actually pretty smooth. One of them give me a hand up and dusts me off.

"Hands off the merchandise." I hold up my hand and walk off to find Meg again.

"Meg?" I call.

"I see. They. Found you." Magically she appears next to me after a minute of searching.

"You've been running? Why?"

"I could ask the same to you."

"But- You said. Whatever." I shrug and start to head back to where we started.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

"Home? We found them. That's what we were supposed to do." I shrug and continue on my way.

"Uh, not anymore." She hands me her cell phone and I squint at the screen. Since when did Father have a phone that could text? I squint even harder. Since when did he learn HOW to text?

"Great so now we have to find them again and this time we have to do what? Knock them out and drag them back to hell?" I groan and put my hands over my face.

"Not my orders. Your dad's." Meg shrugs and walks to the last place we saw the boys.

"Why don't you just call your boyfriend? The one in the dirty trench coat that says you're a 'thorny beauty'." I laugh. Meg just rolls her eyes and flips me off. As if I'm psychic, I see the dirty trench coat guy. Before I can get a word to Meg about her boyfriend, someone grabs my wrist and covers my mouth, pulling me out of sight.

"I wouldn't if you want to live." It's that Dean guy. Now that I get a better look at him, he has gorgeous eyes. I pull his hand away from my mouth and scowl for a minute before inquiring any further.

"Why are you keeping me from getting killed?" I finally ask.

"It's a long story, but let's just say I need you for something." I stare blankly at him, waiting for the rest of the explanation.

"I would love to chat more, but my people skills aren't the best, so I'll just go and catch up with my only friend before your deranged brother jumps out and knocks me to the ground again like an oversized puppy." I point over my shoulder and give a small smile before attempting to head back on my way.

"Uh, No you don't Princess" Sam smirks and grabs my arm. Man if he wasn't holding me right now, I would slap him so hard.

"Look I have a Job to do. Let me do my job and we won't have a problem" I bark at Dean while he is walking behind me.

"Sorry Hun, But we also have a job. We need to get these dicks back in heaven, And you, Daddy, and Meg here are going to help." Dean points back at Cas and he frowns at Dean

"I thought we agreed you would stop calling me a dick, Dean?" Cas says while holding a squirming Meg.

"Cas Man, You are a dick" I roll my eyes just as Dean handcuffs me with those Demonic Cuffs "God Damn! Are you guys stupid? My Father is the THE KING OF HELL!" I yell the last part and sigh "He will find you and kick your ass"

Sam laughs "Who were the ones who captured him and hid him in out dungeon for months? Oh that's right... Us"

Meg chuckles "Look pretty boy. I have had enough with you three. I have helped you, now can you help me? If you don't let us go, Crowley will be Pissed. He will do anything for his Princess." I smirk and Cas smiles "Like he can lay a hand on them with me around"

I open my mouth to retort but realize Cas is right. He fakely set my father on fire once, he could do it for real this time.

"Fine. If you don't let me go, I scream." I smile sweetly and back onto the sidewalk where they follow me. I feel as if I've managed to catch them off guard by their concerned expressions. I raise my eyebrows and hold out my arms, waiting for the cuffs to drop off.

"Now, you know we can't do that." You know, this Sam guy is starting to get on my nerves.

"Suit yourself." I open my mouth and go to scream, only to abruptly be cut off. Did one of them just KISS ME? THE FRICKIN PRINCESS OF HELL? SERIOUSLY?!

"What the hell?" I rub my lips and look up. Oh hey look, beautiful green eyes.

"Don't pretend like you didn't enjoy it."

"Stop being so smug. For a fact I didn't." I turn away from everyone so they can't see the blush rising in my cheeks. Of course Sam is the one to notice this first. This guy just catches me at my worst moments.

"Oh my god. Are you... You're blushing! Ha!" He starts to laugh and Dean and Cas join in, only to have me kick Sam somewhere where the sun don't shine. Now it's my turn to laugh. Meg just gasps before bursting out in a laugh I've never heard from her before. Sam looks like he ready to cry which makes me laugh even harder, getting to the point where I start to be unable to catch my breath and have to sit down for a minute. I cough as I reign it in and wipe some tears away from my eyes.

"You guys are very amusing, I have to say." Meg smiles.

"You're good too, but just not good enough." While I had that whole laugh attack, I drew away enough attention for some of Father's 'friends' to find us. Without so much as a few words being yelled, the cuffs are off, we're free and Cas is back in the corner of the world he started in.

"Sweetheart! You're back!" And we're in Hell? Wow. These guys are better than I thought.

"I am and look who we found." The boys look around at the interior like I did for the first time when I was about six. Before then I was never allowed in here, everyone afraid that I would screw things up. I never did though. Back to the point.

"Meg, you kept her out of trouble I assume?" Something sparks in Dean's eyes and I can tell something I'll want to slap him for is about to come out of his mouth.

"Oh? Daddy doesn't want his precious little girl being corrupted?" He smirks. I really thought he could have come up with something wittier. What a disappointment.

"Isn't it dangerous to use ones entire vocabulary in a single sentence?" I quote Disney. With that, I roll my eyes and leave the room, grabbing a soda and heading to my bedroom, chilling on my bed and watching Netflix until I'm rudely interrupted.

"Nice digs." The boys.

"How did you get in here?!" Covering myself up even though I'm wearing my pajamas.

"Oh, Daddy went to Jerk off and Meg went somewhere... So we started walking around and herd Doctor Who" Dean smiled and Sam walked to my closet.

"What's in here?" I scoff and pull my blanket over me farther.

"Clothes You Idiot" Dean chuckled and Sam scowled.

"Look, Get out of my room and go back to Fathers Office. Your not supposed to be walking around" I cross my arms and huff, pausing my show.

"Where are we?" Dean asked, totally off subject.

"Hell. Obviously" I laugh and Deans eyes widen a little bit.

"This" he pauses and looks around "This is not how I remember it." Oh my God. What an Idiot.

"That's because you were on Fathers Rack. You know being tortured and torturing? There are different places" I smile and look over at Sam "Stop touching my things"

Sam walks over next to Dean "When I came down to get Bobby, he was in a cell. What was that?" Dean looks at Sam and then at Me.

"Oh. That was Fathers Cage." Sam scrunched his nose.

"Oh. Like Lucifer and Michael's Cage?" I laugh and shake my head.

"No you idiot. No one is allowed down there but Crowley. It's way to dangerous. No one knows what they could be doing down there. There Cage is down in hell farther." Sam nods.

"BOYS! ANDY!" We hear Daddy scream and I scurry on my feet. Shit, What did they get me into?

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