Deafening silence (Prince of tennis)


1. chapter 1

Rikkaidai Fuzoku.

A middle school based in the Kanagawa region famed for producing talented young middle-schoolers. The institute consists of state-of-the-art equipment for every subject and club, providing the necessary materials for every student to reach their full potential. Students there are constantly put under rigorous watch and examinations to ensure they are working at their absolute best.

In Rikkaidai, anything less than 100% is unacceptable.

That's at least, what he heard.

Echizen Household


The black-haired kid silenced the alarm clock next to him with a firm smack, silencing it further. He groaned, but slowly sat up in his bed. He was short for a first year, he had long black hair that was angled across his face so that his left eye was hidden behind it, his cat-like right eye, the colour of molten caramel, surveyed the room, gathering his bearings.

The room was basic, blue walls, a dresser, two desks and two beds, one belonging to his brother.

He turned to look at his brother, who hadn't even stirred from the sounds of the alarm clock. He sighed inwardly, and moved out of his own bed to wake him.

This was their first day in middle school and he still refused to wake up on time.

He shook his brother's shoulder lightly. His brother groaned in response, and half turned to him with his eyes shut.

His brother looked exactly the same, with the same caramel-coloured, cat-like eyes, dark black hair and sharp features.

"Leave me alone" he grumbled, and turned to go back to sleep. The other boy sighed, and simply obeyed his request, leaving the room and allowing his twin brother to be late.

He quickly took a shower and brushed his teeth, excited for his first day of middle school.

Back in his room, his brother was still asleep, and to his request, he did not pester him any further, but quietly opened the drawers of the dresser and pulled out his Rikkaidai uniform. It was a simple uniform for such a prestigious school, just black trousers and shoes, with a white, short-sleeved shirt and a blue and white striped tie. He quickly changed and left the room without making a sound.

Downstairs, his father was reading the newspaper with a bored expression, and looked up to acknowledge him.

"Ah, Roko, you're up" he claimed nonchalantly. Roko simply nodded in response.

His father, Echizen Nanjiroh, was sprawled out on the wooden chair reading his newspaper with one hand, far too unimportant to bother use two hands. He was already dressed in his monk robes. He wasn't entirely sure how his father had become a monk, being the pervert that he is, and the fact he's a former tennis pro.

He walked past him to pick up a plate of toast and a glass of orange juice that was conveniently sitting on the counter.

"Your mother had to leave early for some work business, but she said good luck" Nanjiroh added when Roko had consumed the toast and juice. Roko nodded again in response, leaving no space for conversation.

"Where's Ryoma, by the way?" he asked suspiciously. Roko gave him a knowing look. Nanjiroh sighed.

"Asleep still? Does he know what day it is?" he wondered. Roko just shrugged.

"Anyway", Nanjiroh began, "since you're going to Rikkaidai you need a head start. You know which train you have to take?"

Roko nodded once. Of course he did, with Rikkaidai far away, and his parents being overprotective, he had been forced to memorize the route to the school exactly so he did not end up getting lost.

"Good" he said, "now don't do anything stupid on your first day" he added with a mischievous smile. Roko mentally rolled his eyes.

Roko walked out of the room and to the hallway, where his bag had already been prepared with his books, and a small bento box next to it. Roko warmly smiled at that. Nothing tasted better than his mother's cooking.

Rikkaidai Fuzoku Main Hall

The opening ceremony was plain, to say the least.

It was clear from the look of the principal that he had been working in this school for far too long. He had a haggard and bored expression as he welcomed the first years and so on.

It dragged on forever and Roko really wished he had his iPod and earphones, but listening to music during the headmaster's speech would be suicidal.

'Don't do anything stupid on your first day'

Roko sighed. How could such an old man talk for so long about the same thing every single year?

He blocked out the sounds around him and focused on scanning the crowd for anyone interesting.





Roko raised an eyebrow. He managed to spot a guy in the third year section of the hall. He had the brightest pink-red hair Roko had ever seen and continually blew green bubbles of gum. His eyes were the colour of amethyst and he had an equally bored expression as the rest of the room. He sat rather slumped next to a taller guy with dark skin. He sat straight, paying undivided attention to the principal. He was completely bald and his eyes were the colour of chocolate.

Roko briefly wondered if he'd be able to see his reflection in the guy's head. He was bored.

He wondered how Ryoma was doing. It was his first day at Seishun Gakuen.

The idea of going to separate schools wasn't an easy idea for Nanjiroh and Ryoma to swallow. He couldn't blame them, with Rikkaidai being a long distance from home. Only his mother had backed Roko in going to Rikkaidai because of the level of education there. Ryoma would have gone too, but he chose Seigaku because it was closer to home, and Nanjiroh recommended it because he knew the tennis coach.

I already miss Ryoma, Roko thought sadly. It was strange not to have his twin brother next to him, since they had practically been joined at the hip since birth. They had done everything together. It was kind of depressing to know they had finally separated.

Thankfully, the headmaster finished his speech and the students were finally allowed to leave the hall.

Now onto first period, and Roko, along with every other student, made a beeline out of the hall.

All Rikkai students were obliged to take part in one club throughout their time here, and there were meetings in those clubs first and last period every day.

Roko tried not to appear excited as he paced himself towards the tennis courts.

Rikkaidai Fuzoku Tennis Courts

Roko was in the tennis courts grounds, dressed in the uniform of freshmen Rikkaidai sports club members. He stood in front of one line of five that each had eleven freshmen in. In total, there was fifty-five freshmen who had signed here.

When he had first seen the Rikkaidai captain, Yukimura Seiichi, there wasn't overly much to say about him. He had shoulder-length blue hair, clear amethyst eyes and sharp features. One could say he was handsome, with the way his jersey trailed from his shoulders like a cape, but he couldn't understand why everyone suddenly broke into whispers when he approached.

He stood next to a tall third year with a cap on his head an a permanent scowl on his face. His eyes passed over the freshmen critically and they all flinched when they noticed him staring.

"Freshmen", came his melodic voice, "welcome to the Rikkaidai tennis club. You have no doubt joined us because of our win in the national championships, and we look forward to seeing what you are capable of. I am Yukimura Seiichi, your captain, and I will oversee your progress here", there was a brief pause.

"Before, however, we can gauge your ability, we must be certain that you are worth our time"

Roko raised an eyebrow. Did he just say that?

"So, you will all be doing practice swings and picking up balls for now" he finished.

... Was he serious!? Picking up balls!? This isn't what he signed up for! This was supposed to be the national-level Rikkaidai Fuzoku!

It was at that moment that Yukimura's gaze snapped to him, snapping him out of his rage. He stared with a penetrating gaze that warned of death beneath, but he wasn't concerned at all by this guy's expression, and matched it with an equally blank gaze.

"Anything you would like to say, freshman?" he asked, his voice calm and dangerous.

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