We Could have Been.

What i thought you where to me... what i want you to be and most of all... what we could have been. Would you even look at me if i was what you wanted me to be.
i would die for you but would you do so just for me?
can love be easy and simple for us to be together and you to see me in a different light


2. What i hope we will be

First day at school.

well you see i thought that maybe i will be hot if i started cheer leading for my school so i sign up and yes i end up being in the squad for varsity cheer leading. 

The famous white and green and gold that makes every one in my school have to say they love it to have school spirit.

But being a cheerleader wasn't me to be honest. Even if i like doing cartwheels and i get a good file for college, it wasn't fun.

-staying after school 

-going to games 

-Do contest and actually smile the whole time while i cheer.

My pain in the butt brother still think its good that i am cheerleader.

why? Hell if i know what in his mind  thinking... but i agree one thing he say though

"Have something to do so your mind won't feel as though your useless."

Not that I think I am useless, I just like the idea of being a part of something... So I started to think I might as well join the art club

Brenda is in it too so it wasn't like I came up with the idea on my own. But the scary thing is that when I went into the room I saw the him standing there just smiling and talking to Brenda and acting like he own everything... I was drooling over him but when I looked at him I saw the only one thing

The word


I wanted to cry

The thought of the true love you hope for tells you that you are a child to his eyes I'd ugly and now that all I think about.

but then Brenda smiled at me and said another poisonous thing to me...

"Hey Hero I want you to meet my boyfriend."



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