# I DON'T KNOW // Ashton and Luke story

Amalia loves her boyfriend to death and she knows he is her soulmate but what happens when Ashton's best friend confess his love for her. Will her world change? Does she fell the same. Is it Ashton? or is it Luke? Who Knows?


2. Chapter II

The concert was perfect. Front row! It was amazing.


 Luke sang perfect, Michael played the guitar perfect, Calum played the bas perfect and my idol drummed the drums absolutely perfect.


Giau stared at Calum all the time and crazy enough he stared at her. It was so sweet. Like love at first sight. I was happy for her but sad cause Ash didn’t look at me that way.


When the concert was over a bodyguard pointed at us and made a weird sign telling us that we needed to follow him. I was about to die! Date with the love of my life soon. We made it backstage and saw the lovely Michael Gordon Clifford sitting in the couch.


“Hello ladies” He said with a deep husky voice. “You want a piece with the Mikerowave?” he flirted with the same hilarious voice. I couldn’t hold a little chuckle back.


“Michael leave the girls your prick” Calum laughed as he entered the room.


“Hi Giau” He said with the cutest voice ever. “happy to meet you again. I’m a bit hungry. Do you want some dinner or something with me?” He said shy. Awwwwww.


Giau’s head was tomato read when she looked at me. I gave her a small nod and smiled. She smiled back and left with Calum leaving me alone. I sat beside Michael. It was a bit awkward and I started to get disappointed. Where was Ashton?


“sooooo? What are you doing now?” Michael asked a bit awkward


“I actually don’t know.. I think I will go home” I smiled my awkward smile and stood up. This was not how I expected the romantic evening with Ashton. Michael started laughing. I was confused now


“i’m kidding! Ashton told me to get you and drive you to a secret place” He said between his laugh. My face turned read. What was going on? a secret place? I just met him. This was crazy


“I knew that!” I said shy. Michael just laughed and started to walk. We walked through what felt like thousand doors and walked outside to a car. I was so confused! What was this?




We drove for ten minutes and arrived at this small cafeteria. Now I was really confused. I looked at Michael but he just smiled. I walked outside and opened the door. It was dark inside. No Ashton, no anything? I looked around to find something and saw a door.  I opened it and I saw Ash. He was sitting on a blanket on the floor smiling at me. 


“Hi Amalia. Glad you could join me” He said with his sexy australian accent killing me inside.


“What is this? What are you doing?” I asked confused.


“There were to many fans so I couldn’t go to a normal restaurant. I borrowed this instead. I promised you a date right? “ He smiled and laughed one of his cute laugh. My heart melted.


I sat down and took my converse of.


There was many kinds of food on the blanket. Strawberries, sandwiches, cakes and yearh many kinds of food.


He smiled at me and started telling about himself. I sat beside him smiling cause actually I knew everything already. I’m a crazy fangirl. Of course I knew about his job before 5sos, his favorite thing to do and his middle name but I was to shy to tell him. I just sat and admired his face and voice. I wish he would never stop speaking.


“you know this stuff right? Of course you do! Stupid Ashton your prick” He playfully slapped him self on the forehead. I just nodded and blushed


“Tell about yourself! I want to know who you are” He smiled his perfect smile making me gasp for air. Oh damn he was sexy.


“umm I don’t know what to say… My name is Amalia… I’m 16 years old” Ashton interrupted me “16??? Oh damn I didn’t know. I thought you were older” He said “I’m 21 (a year from now) “ He said like it was a bad thing. And maybe it was. But I didn’t care.


“ I know but I don’t really care” I said looking down at my lap.


“okay tell me more then” Ashton smiled at me. I was surprised he didn’t end this date.


“I’m from a city called Viborg here in Denmark and I live with my parents, brother and dog. In my spare time I play guitar, sing and listen to Justin Bieber, Nirvana, Sleeping with Sirens, Three Days Grace, Nickelback and yearh 5sos. Music means everything to me” I stopped and looked at Ashton. He was smiling like he had seen a miracle or something. It was a bit scary actually.


“sorry if this scare you but you are perfect”




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