# I DON'T KNOW // Ashton and Luke story

Amalia loves her boyfriend to death and she knows he is her soulmate but what happens when Ashton's best friend confess his love for her. Will her world change? Does she fell the same. Is it Ashton? or is it Luke? Who Knows?


1. Chapter I


”No more tickets? What do they mean about no more tickets?” I screamed.

“I need tickets! Giau (like yiau) what should we do?”


I looked at my best friend who I think was about to cry.


“I don’t know? Finally they are coming to Denmark and we didn’t got any tickets. This is the worst day in my life. I want to see Calum”


Tears started to run down her cheeks. I haven’t seen her so upset before. She was devastated. I hugged her and started to cry.


“This is just unfair. We deserve these 5sos tickets more than anyone” I cried and looked at her.


She didn’t cry anymore and she had this weird look on her face like she thought of something evil.


“Tickets or not. We will go anyway” she smiled her evil smile. I thought about for some seconds.  I liked the way she was thinking.


“This is war” I laughed



A month later


I took my eyeliner and mascara and did my makeup. I made a messy bun and walked to my clothes.  I wore my black t-shirt with a big 5sos logo on and put my black bandana on. My black skinny jeans and my black convers would be absolutely perfect to my ninja fangirl outfit.   





 I was ready to sneak in. I walked outside a saw Giau on her way to my house. She looked absolutely stunning as a ninja haha.


Giau’s outfit



I hugged her. “are you ready to see calum?” I yelled.


 She screamed and started to dance her weirdo dance. She’s not a normal asian haha.


 “Are you ready to see the perfect Ashton Fletcher Irwin Amalie/Amalia?” she laughed.


 I began to dance the same weirdo dance as Giau while singen “yesss yesss omg yesss”.


She laughed and took my hand. We were going to do something were dangerous but I was so ready.


The streets outside the arena were filled with crazy 5sos family girls who sang, danced, screamed and yearh fangirled. I wish I were with them. They knew that they were going to see 5 Seconds Of Summer no matter what. I had only a little change if I was lucky. Very lucky.


Giau and I walked beside them and to the back of the arena. There was no one there actually. We were lucky.  We could only hope that this luck would last.


There was one open window and that was our opportunity.


We crawled inside like two super nice ninjas and looked around.


We were alone in a little room with some chairs and tables. This was actually really funny. I felt like a girl version of James Bond. 


We opened the door and looked at this little hall. There was a girl or lady (I don’t know) in the bottom of the hall but she opened a door and disappeared.


We walked inside the hall, closed the door and looked around. There was so many doors and if we opened the wrong one…… maybe we could go to jail? 


We walked around in the hall trying to find a door or something useful.  When we had walked up and down, forward and backwards we decided to quit this. This was too dangerous! We couldn’t do this. It was illegal. 


We tried to find the door we came from but where was it? Where was the freaking door we came from?


It was gone… every door looked the same. I was about to cry. We broke into a arena and now we couldn’t find out…. Fuck


“what are we going to do Amalie?” Giau whispered with fear in her voice.


“i.i.i.i….don’t know. This time I don’t know” I whispered back. I walked around trying to remember but my fear and panic took over and erased my memory. My mind was one big hole.


“I think this is the door” Giau whispered


“are you sure Giau?” I whispered back, afraid.


“yearh yearh this is the door! I’m almost sure” she said proud.


She slowly opened the door and looked inside.


But this wasn’t the room.


Nope this was absolutely not the right door. 


In the room two boys stared at us. And we stared at them. But this wasn’t just normal boys.


Nahh this was the one and only Ashton Fletcher Irwin and his cute not Asian friend Calum Thomas Hood!


“what the fuck are you guys doing here?” Calum asked surprised


I couldn’t say anything. The only thing on my mind was my t-shirt. I wore a 5sos t-shirt telling them that I was a fan. I pulled Giau in front of me to cover my shirt. She scream a bit and yelled


“Amalie I have a fan t-shirt on too! What are you doing?”


I realized how stupid I was and started to laugh. Giau couldn’t hold it either and we burst into laughter.  Imagine this: Two girls laughing in front of their idols, looking like idiots. 


“Girls seriously what are you doing in here? I think you are the wrong place?” Ashton the god said sweet and sexy


I was so embarrassed. We needed to explain to them and I was scared.


“okay we are your biggest fans and we used 3 hours to get your tickets but when it finally was our time everything was sold out” Giau explained


“We know this is wrong but we just wanted to see your concert and yearh we tried to sneak in” I looked at my convers probably blushing.  


“awww its okay girls. Would you like to go backstage with us? Ash asked


What? Did they just say that. The boy that I love, the boy that I dream about asked me to go backstage with him. This was so amazing I could die.


“we would love to” Giau said when I was absolutely speechless. Thank god I had her.


“come leggo” Cal said


I followed him and Ash. Cal started talking to Giau and I was so happy for her. Her one and only was interested in her.

“How long time have you been a fan?” Ashton asked me with this cute Australian accent. My heart melted


“About 1 ½ year now. I’m sorry I wasn’t here from the beginning but I didn’t hear about you “ I looked down at my converse again


Aston stared at me and then smiled the famous Ashton Irwin smile


“Don’t say sorry sweetheart. I’m just happy to have a stunning fan like you with me” He said with a proud sweet adorable fantastic (I could keep going all day) voice. He called me sweetheart! And stunning. BEST DAY EVER! I was about to black out. I was so lucky.


“Aww so sweet you are” I chuckled trying to sound like a normal person and not a crazy fangirl as I am.


“You forgot to tell me something cutie. What is your name?” he smiled the perfect smile again and looked at me


“it’s Amalie but yearh it’s a Danish name so call me Amalia” I smiled back


“I like the name Amalia. It’s beautiful! Like you” Ash said


Did Ashton fucking Fletcher Irwin flirt with me? This was a dream. I blushed and laugh that awkward laugh you do when someone complements you


“I need to go to the stage now but….do you wanna go get some food with me after the show? ” He asked


OMG! Every fangirl’s dream


“okay first I need to make sure? Which girl are you? Luke’s girl..calu” he didn’t finished before I sad


“Ashton’s girl from the day I found you” I smiled. He smiled back with a bigger smile now


“Soooo will you go with me?” He asked


“Like a date” I chuckled


“no like a teaparty..of course like a date silly” He smirked


I couldn’t stop smiling. My dream came true. I was going on a date with the boy I loved.


“That was kind of the right door” Giau turned around and smirked


“ I know right” I whispered back


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-love Amalie/Amalia                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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